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Mischief Makers …

So last month, it was my birthday.

Because it was my first birthday in the UK for 25 years – not to mention R/GA – I decided to do something a bit special [read: daft] that culminated in me sending this all office email the day before my big day.

Yes, I really did buy that many Monster Munch and so while I thought I was going to have the last laugh on my birthday, my wonderful team decided to trump me by making me this cake.

What you are looking at is a Strawberry Jam Sandwich cake.

Literally layers and layers of jam sandwiches.

Despite having the sugar content that could bring all dinosaurs at once – it was strangely tasty – though I did only manage a slither, which the pricks took great delight in videoing.

And yet this act of evil genius was very moving to me.

While some might think I’m mad because what they did was an act of hatred – an attempt at murder – I see it differently.

Maybe it’s because in addition to the cake, I was given a bunch of cards and presents [Highlights include: Erika’s 1.25 liter of Diet Coke, Severine’s ‘Shut The Fuck Up’ bell, Ed and Rob’s test pressing of their new album and the teams ‘complaint letter’ to HR all about me ] … but even without any of those things, their act of birthday evil [or, as one person called it, the presentation of a white trash cake] was, for me, a demonstration of giving a shit which left me feeling very touched.

I’ve been super fortunate with the teams I’ve worked with.

Almost universally, they have been a bunch of brilliant people blessed with exceptional talent.

OK, not all of them … but overall, they’ve all been amazing even though they have also been mischievous shits. Which is why one day – and I appreciate no one would ever want this to actually happen – I’d love to have a party where everyone who has had the misfortune to work with me, comes along.

Not so they can compare war stories – though there would be a lot of those – but because in the main, they have made me a better person for the experience and I would want to thank them.

Even for Jam Sandwich birthday cakes.

Jesus, who am I?!!!

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How do you still have a job?

Comment by Bazza

One of the great mysteries of the world.

Happy 4th for tomorrow.

Comment by DH


Comment by Rob

look at you being fucking woke. prick.

Comment by andy@cynic

Life is never boring with you Robert. Good to see your new colleagues already have the measure of you, which means you have wrestled another set of young brains to fall under your spell.

Comment by Lee Hill

The cake is inspired and revolting at the same time. Well done RGA team.

Comment by Lee Hill

He uses the management technique of blackmail.

Comment by DH

You can’t deny that it’s effective.

Comment by Rob

This post explains why July 4 is so important in America.

Comment by Pete

That cake does.

Comment by DH

It was disgusting and wonderful all at the same time. Like a kebab, but just very, very sweet.

Comment by Rob

The party you desire is alreay happening. In a variety of rehab clinics around the world.

Comment by John

The pied piper of planning strikes again.

Comment by George

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