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You Can’t Change The Future If You Judge Them By The Old Rules …

So a few weeks ago I went to the premiere of the Queen movie, Bohemian Rhapsody.

But it was more than that … I went with my best mate Paul and was surrounded by 6000 Queen fans, the band and the actors from the film.

It turned a movie into a wonderful celebration of an amazing band.

To be honest, while Rami Malek is amazing as Freddie – as is Gwilym Lee as Brian May – the atmosphere from the audience was better than the movie.

To be honest, it was always going to be that way, but as a piece of my personal history – including the re-enactment of so many concerts where I was actually there – it was an amazing thing to be a part of.

Of course this movie is not going to change the opinion of anyone who wasn’t a Queen fan already. And even for them, it’s not going to tell them anything you didn’t already know … but what the movie has done is get the media to conversations with people who were part of the Queen history that previously, had rarely said much about it.

One of them is fashion designer Zandra Rhodes.

She was the person behind the look that – in many ways – defined Freddie and the story she tells in the interview is wonderful, especially the bit where she describes him as a ‘hidden revolutionary’.

Of course she is referring to him in this way because back then, Queen was just starting out, because the idea of Freddie Mercury ever being hidden is quite amusing.

But that is the thing we often forget … that new is always going to be uncomfortable and yet we judge those with new ideas by the standards of the established. Literally trying to kill new thinking before it has a chance to even catch light.

And that’s why we all need to be more open to the unknown and the unexpected.

See where it could take us before we tell it where we want to take them.

Because when we hear people or companies say they want to be like NIKE, APPLE, Freddie Mercury or countless others we forget that to get there took time, patience and letting go … of the old rules, the old expectations and the old answers.


I’m seeing the movie this week. I heard it’s more fun than factual but I am looking forward to it. I really like this post, especially the reminder that change takes time and evolves. Many say it and many get stopped by others but the ones who follow through are maybe doing it because it’s an extension of who they are rather than some marketing wrapper.

Comment by Pete

It’s definitely more fun than factual but I still loved it. Though for me, it was more about nostalgia because as a story, it’s very Hallmark and I don’t think Queen were that family friendly … especially in the late 70’s/early 80’s.

Comment by Rob

of course you loved it. you fucking love birkenstocks you sad fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

Interesting to read you found the storyline only OK. But then you know all things Queen and could spot any discrepancy a mile away. I love the Rhodes interview. She is informative and sets the context of the times brilliantly. As a friend said to me recently, that a flamboyant, gay, Asian rock singer even existed in racist, 70s England is an achievement in itself.

Comment by George

A flamboyant, gay, Asian singer existing in any country in the racist 70’s is an achievement. Hadn’t thought of it from that perspective.

Comment by Pete

Yes … that is very, very true George.

It’s funny because while he changed his surname to be less Asian, he dialed up his dandyness so he really was provoking the traditions.

Comment by Rob

I wondered when I would see a Queen movie post. It took longer than I thought and was much better than I was expecting. Is everything alright with you Rob?

Comment by Bazza

That should read, “it was less terrible than I feared.”

Comment by Bazza

And for me Baz. And for me.

Comment by Rob

youre both fucking wrong.

Comment by andy@cynic

What a fantastic interview. Zandra Rhodes is a true icon of fashion. Never frightened to push boundaries while retaining her unique spirit. Her collaboration with Freddie Mercury would have been, to borrow a Queen album title, made in heaven.

Comment by Lee Hill

Yes, I loved the interview and it did seem they were made for each other and yet their dalliance didn’t last that long, which is maybe how it was also meant to be,

Comment by Rob

Personally, I’m going to skip the movie. For me the memory of front row, Night at the Opera Tour imprints the enormity of Queen. Sidebar – relieved to learn the movie doesn’t suck. 🙂

Comment by Notes To Ponder

Oh it’s worth seeing. You never feel it’s a biopic on the band, more a piece of entertainment so it won’t ruin anything … if anything, it brings back some lovely memories.

Comment by Rob

id rather listen to rhodes sing than listen to another fucking queen racket.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’d love Rhodes and Mercury to dress Rob because whatever they do to him, he would still be more stylish than he is currently.

Comment by DH

The thought of Rob dressed by Zandra Rhodes has brought a big smile to my face. Thanks David.

Comment by Pete

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