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That Friday Feeling That Lasts A Whole Week …

So next week, I’ll be in Hong Kong.

For the whole week.

Yes, that means absolutely no posts whatsoever for the next week.

But to make sure you don’t get too happy, I’m going to leave you with one final post.

This is about the importance of mistakes.

Now I appreciate the word ‘mistake’ is often viewed as a negative, but I have a very different perspective on them.

Mistakes create standards.

Mistakes open opportunities.

Mistakes reveal who we can be.

OK, so depending on the mistake, some people may feel very differently about the positive effects of them, but in my experience big, small, life-changing or just momentarily ridiculous … they all have a benefit as long as you go into them and come out of them with the right attitude.

In short, if you’re making mistakes for any other reason than trying to do something great, you’re wasting everyones time and effort.

Making mistakes out of laziness or stupidity doesn’t help anybody, especially yourself. But doing it because you went for awesome … had a desire to push boundaries … wanted to see what other possibilities are possible … then each one of those mistakes should be celebrated and embraced by all.

Unless, of course, you’re just doing things for personal and selfish reasons then you’re a bit of a dick.

But that aside, this attitude is especially important in relation to being able to come out of your mistake with dignity and sanity intact.

Dignity and sanity are big words.

You can’t bullshit those.

For me, the only way you can walk out with either is if you went go your mistake with a clear reason for doing it and come out with a real learning from having done it.

That’s it.

And while others may never understand your reasoning, if you are clear on your motivations going in and your learnings coming out, then what others may call a ‘mistake’ may be one of the most important and valuable things you can ever do … something that has the power and potential to change, shape, reveal and create every new path you take from here on in.

Dan Wieden used to call this ‘fail harder’, he was right because whatever anyone says, mistakes matter.

See you in a week …

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another fucking holiday. probably a freebie. some things change some stay absolutely the fucking same.

Comment by andy@cynic

Like his fashion.

Comment by DH

It is not a freebie thank you very much.

Well, it kind of is as I paid for the flight on points and the hotel is paid for by someone else, but it’s not a freebie.


Comment by Rob

If it makes you feel better Rob, I never doubted for a second it would be a freebie.

Comment by DH

is jill going with you or have you left her to pack up the house by herself? thats peak bastardness and genius you sick fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

You are the Sherlock Holmesof blog commenters.

Comment by DH

No she isn’t. But not because she’s staying at home packing. I’m not a total dick …

Comment by Rob

dont underestimate yourself.

Comment by andy@cynic

A compliment that’s an insult. That’s amazing.

Comment by Rob

Was posting that rapper image on Instagram a mistake and did your dignity remain intact ?

Comment by John

what the fuck are you talking about?

Comment by andy@cynic

A recent aberration that still haunts me. You were lucky not to see it.

Comment by John

Can you guess what my biggest mistake was Rob?

Comment by DH

Probably similar to yours but involving you instead of me.

Comment by Rob

Based on the photo accompanying this post, I don’t know if you are best placed to write about this subject. Mistakes? Yes. Mistakes where you leave with your dignity intact? Questionable.

Comment by Wayne Green

Yes … that’s a good point. But in terms of making mistakes, I’m a master.

Comment by Rob

mistakes where you land on your fucking feet better paid than before. you fucking prick.

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s only a mistake if you don’t learn from it.

Comment by Lee Hill

enjoying your fucking paid for work holiday campbell?

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m disappointed you haven’t mentioned working with Rob was your biggest mistake Andy that’s your usual tack. Either way did you leave with dignity and sanity intact?

Comment by Northern

wife #1 and being turned down by you were bigger fucking disappointments but only because the judge said if i say campbell ill be in violation of my fucking parole.

Comment by andy@cynic

But, hey, a week without posts. #positivity

Comment by John

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