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Little Things Make The Difference …

In Asia, hand cleanliness is almost an obsession.

People even eat their sandwiches and burgers with knives and forks to avoid having to pick them up.

OK, so maybe that’s the case everywhere and I’m just showing my common Nottingham roots … but I still find it fascinating.

Everywhere you go, there’s hand sanitisers.

I’m not just talking in hospitals, I’m talking restaurants and all sorts of other places.

Recently, I saw this on my wife’s bag.

Yep, it’s a portable hand sanitiser.

But I’m not saying this because it highlights how long we’ve been in Asia, I’m saying it because making a product that can attach easily to a bag is an act of simple genius.

For a culture that doesn’t want to just wash their hands, but have them truly germ free … this little idea has big appeal.

Sure, there’s other products on the market that do a similar thing, but having something that attaches to your bag gives a peace of mind that wipes hidden in your bag, just can’t do. Plus being permanently on display helps advertise the brand to all who see it. Nice.

I’ve said for a while that I feel designers are doing things in more interesting ways than ad agencies and ultimately that’s down to one simple difference of approach.

Designers want to solve problems whereas ad agencies want to communicate problems.

Not all agencies are like this.

Not all agency employees are like this.

But right now, the design industry is kicking our ass and I swear it’s because we are holding on to remuneration models that reward ‘the old ways’ rather than finding ways to get paid for what we are truly capable of if given the freedom to do it.

[That and the fact adlands creative department hiring policy is still primarily based on art and copy rather than embracing different types of creative people/thinkers/doers]

We will have to wake up soon, otherwise the bullshit we churn out for Cannes – that we claim is ‘creative problem solving’ will become the benchmark for our standards and when that happens, we may as well pack up and go home.

But I have faith it can be done, if only because I saw The Kennedys Shanghai consistently solve problems in imaginative and innovative and intriguing ways for 9 months.

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Is this post really about your small cock?

Comment by Billy Whizz

It made a difference, he got Otis out of it and that kid is awesome. (all Jill)

Comment by DH

All Jill. I’m still amazed I have anything to do with the gorgeous kid. (Though he is mischievous and talks a lot so he’s definitely mine)

Comment by Rob

Well the designers will love you in your new job. Not sure about the creatives.

Comment by DH

no one loves campbell. he is simply tolerated.

Comment by andy@cynic

You’re assuming that the marketing department or indeed an agency didn’t independently identify the opportunity and didn’t hire a designer to create it.

Comment by John

as much as i never want to defend campbell, i think his point about designers vs agencies is not directly fucking linked to that shitty handbag hand sanitizer.

Comment by andy@cynic

You mean the handbag hand sanitizer that he describes as a simple act of genius?

Yes the point he makes is a good one, but that’s no reason for us to tell him we think so.

Comment by John

The first P of marketing is and always has been product, even if most agencies think it’s prizes.

Comment by John

what the fuck is next campbell, a post about th3 convenience of tic tac fucking mints?

Comment by andy@cynic

“The packaging is see-through so you can work out when you are about to run out. It is brilliant design thinking.”

Comment by DH

Sorry Robert, but this made me laugh.

Comment by George

A point that United Airlines would have done well to understand prior to aggressively removing a paying passenger from one of their planes.

Comment by George

United. Where the customer comes last.

Comment by Rob

You mean where the customer ends up in hospital.

Comment by DH

just worked out why jill keeps hand sanitizer near her at all times. in case she accidentally touches you. now it all makes sense and that is the fucking best invention of all fucking time.

Comment by andy@cynic

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