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Good Enough Isn’t Good Enough …

I’m seeing a lot of work these days that feels like it’s been designed to band-aid a problem rather than actually solve the problem.

Or said another way … does what the client wants not what is needed.

And while I appreciate why that may be seen as an easy win, it’s the opposite.

Because doing stuff clients want, means little if it bores the hell out the audience.

Where they ignore it, overlook it, don’t believe it, makes them feel the only thing the brand cares about is the audience’s cash.

And I know some will say I’m being unrealistic … naive … ignoring the realities of business … but my response to that would be that my whole career has been working with brands who believe in continually earning their audience rather than just expecting it.

And by earning it, I mean investing in it.

Not doing good enough, but respecting who they’re doing it for.

Sweating the details. Knowing how their audience live and think, not just how they use or choose their product. Pushing standards rather than mirroring category best practice. Doing things for the audience rather than just about them. Understanding the context they’re playing in, not blindly thinking they’re the most important thing. And proving they’re worth caring about, not just thinking they’re enough.

And while that might sound like a lot of effort, money and time … it’s the difference between being a brand that creates, defines and drives culture rather than is chasing it.

Like everyone else.

Which is why people who see this about creative indulgence are missing the point.

Because it’s not about creativity, it’s how creativity can drive the level of your ambition.

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