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Attention To Detail Is A Not A Cost, But A Commercial Advantage …

The commercial exploitation of the environment crisis by brands makes me ill.

For all their claims of doing things to ‘save the planet’, the reality is:

1. It’s not.
2. It’s focused more on how they can make money from it.

Putting aside the fact many of these conglomerates have actually added to the environmental crisis rather than taken it away, many are now trying to burden the general public with the blame and the responsibility to sort it all out.

Now of course the general public have to shoulder a huge amount of responsibility, but seeing companies try to look innocent when they have resisted – and continue to resist – major change is revolting.

From a personal point of view, one of the companies who I feel have been one of the worst for exploiting situations for profit is Unilever.

While there are some amazing people who work there … while the company talks a great game about being a ‘purpose’ driven company … you don’t have to look too far to see the organisation have profited from promoting racism, sexism and exploitation.

A few weeks ago, I got sent this:

As you can see, the bottom shelf holds a bunch of Persil Automatic washing powder.

Now Persil has long had a role in British society that has transcended the category. Their iconic ‘dirt is good’ campaign helped celebrate the benefits of kids getting dirty in life.

Of course it was self-serving, because the dirtier they get, the more washing powder you need, but it was deftly handled and had a point of view that resonated deeply.

However over the years, they’ve tried to evolve that message to have a more ‘purpose driven stance’ and things like the environment have become a focus. Which explains why they have written USE LESS in massive letters at the top of the box.

However – and hilariously – it seems no one realised, or cared, that at first glance it says USELESS … which is probably a far better description for how Persil are really dealing and committing to the climate crisis.

So to whoever did this – or didn’t realise this – I salute you.

Not just for your mischief/stupidity, but for proving there is still truth in advertising, even when they’re trying to say a lie.

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fucking gold campbell. well done on finally making me laugh with you not at you.

Comment by andy@cynic

Someones getting fired.

Comment by DH

no theyre not. theyre getting promoted.

Comment by andy@cynic

Hahahaha … that may be truer than you intended,

Comment by Rob

I wonder how many people signed off on this?

Comment by George

all fucking automated now innit. automated twatdom.

Comment by andy@cynic

Is it telling people to “use less” or is it saying you use less because it’s more concentrated? It’s not an environmental message, it’s advertising.

Comment by Bazza

God, I think you’re right.

I also would love to know if the ‘more concentrated formula’ has an environmental impact during production.

Comment by Rob

As happy as I am to bring up your mathematical prowess, I think you’ve overlooked the equals sign. So it’s saying that you use less because it’s more concentrated and, as far as Ican tell from the photo, there’s absolutey no reference to ecological benefits.

Comment by John

Their entire ad campaign is focused on the environment, hence the association. That this has nothing to do with it, just highlights their view purpose is for cash not change.

Comment by Rob

I thought that you were just taking a jab at one of the most ‘useless’ new products invention…air fresheners (what is wrong with opening the windows?)

Comment by dom touche

Hahaha … give it time, there’s bound to be a post about air fresheners sooner or later.

Comment by Rob

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The situation in the Ukraïne is devastating. I think I can speak for anyone who has ever commented here and say we feel the same. Putin is evil and needs to be stopped. I have donated and I am sure others have. Are you asking for this blog to act as a news hub? I am unsure if that would get the message out to more people. But I can tell you that in the last week I’ve read him express his upset and anger about the war on here. He also linked to charities. If there is something more specific, is there an email he can reach you on. I know him well enough to say he would want to help.

Comment by George

Thank you, this help is very important to us.
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Maryna, is there something we can try and make happen for you personally? I cannot even imagine what you are facing and experiencing – it is so utterly fucked up. Do you have people around you. I know they would be in the same situation, but are you with others?

Comment by Rob

Hello Maryna. If I can help in ways beyond what you have suggested, please let me know. This is a terrifying situation and I can not comprehend what the people in Ukraïne must be going through and feeling.

For everyone else, I read a brilliantly simple way to directly help people in the Ukraine. Simply rent an airbnb in the Ukraïne and leave a message sending love and support. I’ve just rented a place in Kyiv. If you can help, it would be amazing if you could. There’s lots of places for ‘rent’. Lots of people who need help and support. #FuckPutin

Comment by Rob

Thank you!
About Airbnb in Ukraine, it is a very good initiative.


Rob, thank you for your care! I have all that I need as it is possible.
The constant air raids and the high probability that my housing could be destroyed at any moment do not give much optimism. But I believe in our defenders and that Ukraine will win.

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I am grateful to the people who continue to work to provide for the population.
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Unfortunately, this is not the case everywhere. And there are cities where there is none of this and there is a humanitarian catastrophe. Cities are just bombed out. I pray that people stay alive, that this nightmare ends.

I’m having a hard time psychologically right now. I’m afraid of losing touch with people. I can go on describing the situation I’m in, but I’m sure this is not the place for that.

But if you want to get in contact with me you can write to me. My e-mail is


I’m sending you an email.

Comment by Rob

Thank you for sharing this Maryna. Would you be OK if we showed some people your update? People need to hear what is happening from the perspective of people directly suffering from Putin’s actions.

Comment by George

Of course, you can share my text. I want that people know what the situation is in Kyiv now. I want to draw your attention to the fact that I still have good living conditions. For example, my best friend lost her home in Chernihiv. The bomb hit her house. And you can’t live there anymore. The city is in ruins. They cannot evacuate. There are no green corridors. Nobody can enter the city with humanitarian cargo. Mines around the city. Food supplies are running out.
And there are a lot of people who are in even worse conditions.

I’m sure that you can see a lot of photos and videos about the destruction and they are unfortunately real.
Also if you want you can write me a letter (my email and I will share the information/my emotions with you.


This is shocking to read Maryna. The situation has been well documented by the media but seeing someone who is there describe it, makes it the more real. Please look after yourself.

Comment by George

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