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When You Create Ads With Your Head In The Underground …

OK, I’m ‘proper back’ now and look at that – we’re in February!!!

Maybe I should just write a blog post on the last or first of every month and make life easier for all of us?

Nahhhhhhhh … where’s the enjoyment in that when there’s so much stuff out there to comment on, like this monstrosity of an ad that I saw recently …

Putting aside the fact anyone who wants to be ‘the most interesting person in the room’ is basically admitting they have an ego the size of Bono … or the average person working in adland, the choice of image for this ad is the most stupid I’ve seen in a very, very long time.

Since when were escalators at tube stations a room?

And I’m guessing the people behind it either don’t live in London because if they did, they’d know the first – and biggest – social cardinal sin in that city is speaking to anyone anywhere in the vicinity of the tube.

When I lived in London, I was told in no uncertain terms of this fact within days of being there by a bloke I was squashed next to, as we were on our way to Heathrow Airport.

He also had some luggage with him so I asked, “where are you off to?” and the look he gave me was as if I’d asked him to tell me his families home address and what times are they out.

He literally said, “don’t you know you’re not supposed to talk to people on the tube?”


So with that in mind … and the fact the image they’ve chosen shows people all in a row, all facing the back of the person in-front’s head – which makes having any conversation a bit difficult – maybe Curio should just change the headline of their ad to ‘be the most annoying person in the room’ and be done with it.

Let’s face it, it would probably be more a appropriate explanation of what the app supposedly helps you become, whether they use a visual of the London Underground or not.

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This is the sort of petty blogging I’m here for.
Welcome back Rob.

Comment by Bazza

I feel my pettiness gene has been fully rested and now it’s time to let loose like its 2010. Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

This blog has always been stuck in 2010.

Comment by Bazza

Of course you are the one who talks to people on the subway. Nightmare.

Comment by Bazza

Without question.

Comment by Pete

That’s why I now live in a country where I can drive to work.

Comment by Rob

yeah, like you fucking work campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

It is about time Robert. Welcome back. (I am ignoring your “official return” post from yesterday)
I wonder if the ad features the London underground so a plucky young attorney can argue it is not actually a room, so the company cannot be held liable for failing to make you the smartest person there?

Comment by George

It’s not the smartest, it’s the most interesting. I get your point though … especially as ‘interesting’ is completely subjective.

Comment by Rob

I think it is meant to represent listening to their content on the commute to/from work. It fails. Welcome back Rob. Good snark energy in this post.

Comment by Pete

Oh is that what it is supposed to be. If you’re claiming to make people interesting, at least make your ads like that too. Or clear. Ha.

Comment by Rob

As you spent all your time on the Tube taking photos of strangers, you presumably didn’t notice that people stand on the left-hand side of the escalators. So, that’s either not London or it’s a dreadful bit of art direction.

Comment by John

You may this is the worst thing about Curio, but let me nominate this from their website.

Ideas and stories are fundamental to our well-being.

At Curio, we handpick content from leading publications and turn them into beautifully narrated audio you can listen to at any time, anywhere.

But with life too fast, days too short, and our attention fragmenting by being constantly distracted by our smartphone and computer screens, we knew we had to design an experience where people would get smarter, feel happier, and become more empathetic to the world around them – with none of the effort.

This is why on Curio you’ll only find content worthy of your time and attention.

We do not sell your data, there are no ads on Curio, and our subscription model ensures that we are beholden to only one person – you.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb described modernity as “youth without heroism, age without wisdom, and life without grandeur”. We are an energetic, hungry, and ambitious bunch of people swimming against the current to change that meaning of modernity and we cannot do it without you.

Comment by John

Good to have you back to your evil best too John.

Comment by Bazza

God that looks horrific.

I love how they celebrate it’s ‘app of the day’ like they’ve just won the Oscar for all time best movie ever made or will ever be made.

Comment by Rob

You may think this is the worst thing about curio, but it’s not. I urge you to check this out

Comment by John

You’re back Robert. Finally. And back with all guns blazing.
The ad is terrible. The only positive it is would stop me from ever reading the copy John so selflessly sacrificed his brain to reproduce on here.

Comment by Lee Hill

It’s lovely to see John has lost none of his magnaminouness.

Comment by Rob

Magnanimity. You’re welcome.

Comment by John

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