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The Difference Between Interested And Committed …

I love Roy Keene.

I know people say he could start an argument in an empty house, but I have the upmost respect for him.

Not because he used to play at Nottingham Forest.

Nor because he has always spoken respectfully about at the City Ground … especially with the legendary Mr Clough.

But because he has always been utterly committed to what he does and what he believes.

The reason I find that worthy of note is because too many people confuse interest with commitment.

Interest means you will change when something else comes along.
Interest means you’ll take a shortcut when easier options become available.
Interest means you will priorities ideas that offer more popular possibility options.

But commitment is different.

Commitment is a stubborn, steadfast, obsessive focus on what is the most important.

No shortcuts. No distractions. No deluding yourself or others.

Many may find that annoying. Especially colleagues.

They’ll likely – probably rightly – read it as you making a judgement on their values and priorities. They may freeze you out or just question your sanity.

But commitment doesn’t mean you’re not open to new experiences or new ideas.

Nor does it mean you are out-of-date or a stick in the mud.

It simply means you’ll never let someone call you out for never giving your all to what you do.

You may make mistakes.

You may be seen as decisive or confronting.

But you’ll never be accused of not giving your all to all you do.

I’ve worked with a few people like this over the years.

All – without doubt – made me better in a multitude of ways.

And while I don’t deny they weren’t always easy. They were always worth it.

In a World where we celebrate the interesting. Let’s not lose sight of the importance of the committed. To make sure you know the difference, watch this. All of it. It’s brilliant.

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Makes a change from writing about Queen.

Comment by Bazza

I’m going to look for a video of Roy Keene talking about Freddie Mercury now … hahaha.

Comment by Rob

Any excuse to not do any work.

Comment by Bazza

of course you like a mouthy opinionated little bastard.

Comment by andy@cynic

On brand.

Comment by Rob

his beard is way more fucking impressive than yours. and so are his achievements. but then hes not from nottingham so its not all fucked. campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

Silver linings.

Comment by Rob

Beggars can’t be choosers.

Comment by Bazza

I’ve watched that interview. It is excellent. Keane comes across very well in it. Possibly better than any interview I’ve ever watched with him. I left thinking his failings as a manager may have nothing to do with his abilities as a coach and everything to do with the commitment he expects from his players. Which means it doesn’t matter how modern your approach to the game is, if your values are old, it won’t succeed. That is very sad for football.

Comment by George

Good points George. I agree. That said, I can imagine his demeanour can be pretty intimidating which means players may find it hard to talk to him because of what they fear he may say. Or maybe, they earn so much cash these days and hold so much power, they don’t care because they know if things go bad, the club will always side with the team over the manager.

But I love this interview. I love how he reveals other sides to himself. And he comes across well … mainly because he also reveals vulnerability that I doubt he has shown much in his career.

Comment by Rob

I like Keane but I wish he was as tough on his friend Ole as he is on every other football manager. I know loyalty means a lot to him, but his stance undermines his position of always being honest and objective.

Comment by Pete

You’re the second person who has said exactly the same thing to me in the past few weeks. And I don’t disagree … and having heard some of the players comments in their loss to Leicester at the weekend, it seems they are starting to question their managers approach too. Albeit they supposedly still like him.

Comment by Rob

That’s my evening sorted. Thank you Rob.

Comment by Pete

its only an hour long you sad fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

I enjoyed that Robert. Thank you. I was never the biggest Keene fan but he has gone up in my estimation after that.

Comment by Lee Hill

It is a great interview, and while he comes across very well in it – you can still feel his intensity. He’s 50 now, so imagine how confronting that would have been when he was 30 or 40.

Comment by Rob

Soccer not football.

Comment by Billy Whizz

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