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Yes It’s Another Bloody Rules By Rubin …

… however having just read a report by a consultancy on Chinese audiences – which was not only utterly generalistic, but out-of-date – I felt I had to write this.

Especially as the Rubin quote is so perfect for it. So here we go …

If you only know your audience through their transactional data … if you only speak to your audience to hear what they think about you rather than understand what you don’t know about them … if you only talk about your audience in generalistic terms … if you only interact with your audience through a one-way mirrored room … if you only interact with your audience by outsourcing to a ‘for profit’ organisation … if you think your audience only care about you and what you do … if you think your audiences lives have remained the same for over a year … if you use international trend reports as a proxy for knowing what your audiences future habits and behaviours will be … if you only talk to the same audience in the same markets [once a year] … if you only care about how to get your audience to buy more of what you’re selling … if you call your audience “consumers” …

Then I assure you, you’re definitely talking down to your audience.

If you want them to respect you, start by respecting them.


So the first day you said you’d stop doing the quotes you do a quote.

Good job it’s a good one.

Comment by Bazza

Great post. Again. Even better final sentence.

Comment by George

stop being so fucking nice to him.

Comment by andy@cynic

They are the problem.

Comment by DH

Another great post Robert. I am all for you continuing your Rick Rubin posts.

Comment by Lee Hill

you too.

Comment by andy@cynic

It won’t last. But it also won’t stop … ha.

Comment by Rob

like this fucking blog.

Comment by andy@cynic

still stealing other peoples talent to further your fucking self.

Comment by andy@cynic

Why change something that has worked so well? Hahaha

Comment by Rob

A twisted Robin Hood. Steal from the talented to give to yourself.

Comment by DH

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