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Yes It’s Another Bloody Rules By Rubin …

… however having just read a report by a consultancy on Chinese audiences – which was not only utterly generalistic, but out-of-date – I felt I had to write this.

Especially as the Rubin quote is so perfect for it. So here we go …

If you only know your audience through their transactional data … if you only speak to your audience to hear what they think about you rather than understand what you don’t know about them … if you only talk about your audience in generalistic terms … if you only interact with your audience through a one-way mirrored room … if you only interact with your audience by outsourcing to a ‘for profit’ organisation … if you think your audience only care about you and what you do … if you think your audiences lives have remained the same for over a year … if you use international trend reports as a proxy for knowing what your audiences future habits and behaviours will be … if you only talk to the same audience in the same markets [once a year] … if you only care about how to get your audience to buy more of what you’re selling … if you call your audience “consumers” …

Then I assure you, you’re definitely talking down to your audience.

If you want them to respect you, start by respecting them.

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So the first day you said you’d stop doing the quotes you do a quote.

Good job it’s a good one.

Comment by Bazza

Great post. Again. Even better final sentence.

Comment by George

stop being so fucking nice to him.

Comment by andy@cynic

They are the problem.

Comment by DH

Another great post Robert. I am all for you continuing your Rick Rubin posts.

Comment by Lee Hill

you too.

Comment by andy@cynic

It won’t last. But it also won’t stop … ha.

Comment by Rob

like this fucking blog.

Comment by andy@cynic

still stealing other peoples talent to further your fucking self.

Comment by andy@cynic

Why change something that has worked so well? Hahaha

Comment by Rob

A twisted Robin Hood. Steal from the talented to give to yourself.

Comment by DH

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