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Frienemies …

A long time ago, I was sat in Wieden+Kennedy Portland, watching the Women’s World Cup with the NIKE team.

It was fun – we were all enjoying the match – when LTA [a legend at Wieden] said to me and the person I was sat next to, who I didn’t know …

“I’m surprised you’re sat next to each other”.

When I asked why, he said …

“Because of the teams you support”.

And that was the moment I discovered my sofa mate, Patrick, was a fucking Derby County supporter.

Worse still.

He was actually from Derby.

We both had the look of utter disgust on our faces.


For fucks sake.

Anyway, despite his absolute shortcomings in football team, we got on and managed to show our maturity by rising above it.

I never saw Patrick again.

I was based in Shanghai and then he left Wieden.

That said, we stayed in touch via social media – especially when Forest were playing Derby – so a few weeks ago, when Patrick suggested we catch up and talk about what we think will happen in the league now COVID-19 is messing with everything, I was thrilled.

And while it had been a long time since I’d seen him and I continued to like him as a person, the fact is when you talk to a Derby County fan – even one based in the US – there are certain protocols to observe, which this photo from our zoom chat captures perfectly …

My favourite bit was how he responded to someone who asked how a conversation with a Forest and Derby fan had gone down ..,

MORTAL enemies!

But, given the testing time we’re in I’m willing to put that aside, for now.

That being said, Rob wasn’t even TRYING to make friends …

Another example of Forest getting one over the sheep.

Great chatting with you Patrick – while I doubt you’ll ever want to do it again, I hope we do.

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Did he smash you head in with a bottle. Not because you support his rivals but because you are immature and annoying?

Comment by Bazza

Even if he wanted to he would fail. Derby fans can’t even understand how to talk properly, let alone bottle a Forest fan out of jealousy.

Comment by Rob

I miss football rivalry banter.

Comment by George

Only sport can do that.

Comment by Pete

Very true.

Comment by George

Given Patrick was based at the mothership (or it seems that way) and you were in Shanghai, does this mean Dan Wieden preferred Derby?

Comment by Pete

Now that’s a way to break Rob’s heart.

Comment by Bazza

Dan Wieden is a 🐏
(Sung in a football chant)
Sorry Robert.

Comment by George

I think Dan put Patrick in Portland to keep a close eye on him as he knew the bastard reputation of Derby fans. Whereas he sent me to Shanghai as he knew the noble integrity and high standards of every Forest fan. Probably.

Comment by Rob


Comment by George

A lovely story Robert. It is nice to see you still subscribe to the idea that friendship is a vessel for you to launch immature revenge.

Comment by George

The most eloquent description of immunity I’ve ever read.

Comment by Pete

Absolutely. It’s a sign you want to keep the friendship alive. It’s an act of generosity and commitment and I won’t let anyone say otherwise.

Comment by Rob

You still can reposition like no one else.

Comment by George

One of the big surprises of this time is that I haven’t missed sport at all.

I doubt that will continue to be the case on the other side. But it got me thinking about identifying those areas of the previous life that have been jettisoned which were merely habits and those that will be picked up again. And how that will play out across populations. There won’t be as many as futurists think because evolution hasn’t speeded up in a cpuple of months, but there may be some.

Obviously the low-rent football of Forest and Derby was neither of those things and will remain irrelevant.

Comment by John

I’m more interested in the things that will have remained pre, during and post COVID … which in your case is being a pedantic sod.

Comment by Rob

Well both those things are implicit in my comment.

Comment by John

would be like watching two fucking worms have a fist fight.

Comment by andy@cynic

With mittens on.

Comment by DH

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