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Professional Prick …

Let’s be honest, I’m a prick.

Especially if you have the misfortune of working with me.

I know all the things I do wrong as I’ve had them told to me 10,000 times.

I distract people from their work.

[But get pissy if they distract me]

I take a steady stream of horrible instagrams of colleagues.

And revel in posting them. On EVERY social media platform ever created.

I buy stupid, passive-aggressive, humiliating gifts.

I have opinions on seemingly everything. And everyone.

I can get needy and emotional.

Basically, I am a liability and yet – despite this endless stream of work violations – I have been blessed with amazing colleagues and team mates who, despite all I do to them, give me nothing but support and their talent back.


But every now and then they fight back.

A photo of my stupidity here.

A shitty/wonderful present there.

And while they think it teaches me a lesson, the fact is I love it.

I love it for a bunch of reasons …

I love it because of the effort they put in to it.

I love it because it means we have an openness that allows it to happen.

I love it because it means we see each other as humans, not one dimensional robots.

Which is all a convoluted explanation of the picture that heads up this post … created and given to me by one of the R/GA strategists – Divya – who felt it was the scariest thing she could produce for Halloween and – lets face it – she was right.

I still stupidly hope that one day in the future, all the people I have worked with can come together and chat – not because I want them to compare notes of what a prick I am – but because I’ve been very fortunate to have brilliant people in my life and I would love to see them all together and witness the magic they could create together.

As long as it’s not a class action against my professional exploits.

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You’re fucked up.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Coming from you Billy, that’s quite the compliment.

Comment by Rob

Suddenly Prince Andrew feels better about his disastrous claims.

Comment by Bazza


Comment by Pete

I watched that again last night.

This post might be competing with his declarations, but he definitely wins.

Comment by Rob

When you show your love and loyalty in unusual ways, why would your colleagues show their loyalty towards you in any other way? I do like that photo of you. There was a lot of work put into that.

Comment by Lee Hill

I’m quite taken with it too … but for its cheekiness, not for my ego.

Well, not much of my ego. Hahaha.

Comment by Rob

Of course that’s the reason Rob. ; )

Comment by Pete

I don’t think I have ever read about the “compassionately mischievous, sentimental prick” segment in any research report before. Fascinating.

Comment by Pete


Comment by George

Yeah, yeah, yeah …

Comment by Rob

you made me actually smile pete. congratulations.

Comment by andy@cynic

You definitely have a unique approach to management and expressions of adoration. Yet confusingly, colleagues and clients seem to continually bathe you with respect and loyalty in equal measure. Except for one. I think we both remember who I’m referring to. He definitely was the anomaly in more ways than one.

Comment by George

Who was the anomaly? And don’t confuse apathy and laziness for respect and loyalty. Just joking Rob.

Comment by Bazza

I think he’s referring to the infamous Rich.

Comment by Rob

He was before my time. I am still disappointed about that. The stories I heard about him were amazing. The broken pen incident?

Comment by Pete


Comment by George

Oh yes. Him.

Comment by Bazza

the only word for that fucker is cunt.

Comment by andy@cynic

Needy McNeedy.

Comment by John

aint that the fucking truth.

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s impossible for me to look at that picture without thinking of a creepy, planning version of Windowlicker, which adds a totally new dimension to the joke. Sincere congratulations to the author.

Comment by Stefano

making you look cooler than youve ever fucking managed to pull off in your life is not fucking payback. showing photos of how you actually fucking are is. bunch of fucking amateurs.

Comment by andy@cynic

You’re on fire. FTW

Comment by DH

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