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I left Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai 2 years ago this month.

I have very special memories of my time there and these two people – Leon and Carina [both circled in the photo above, which was a gift from my planning team when I left W+K, even though they forgot to put Debi in there] – played a big part in that.

Sure they were pains in the ass and opinionated as all fuck [though Carina did it in a much nicer way than Leon ever could] but it was – and still is – an honour to be able to say they were on “our team”.

Now – by pure coincidence – they’re both moving onto their next adventure and that will mean there will be no more of my mob infecting the place [though I did find Chris, even if he got away with never having to work with me] so I just want to say thank you to them for all they did for me, the team and – most importantly – the work.

Their loss is a big one for everyone but no one could be anything but excited and happy for the bigger and better things they’re about to do.

So to Leon and Carina, go have a shitload of fun … but please make sure you hide stickers throughout the office before you leave.

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You are an excellent human being Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

I have questions over your use of excellent and human being. Apart from that I agree with you.

Comment by Bazza

Thanks Baz. Thanks a lot.

Comment by Rob

That’s going a bit too far Lee. Especially as they did far more for me than I did for them.

Comment by Rob

It does amaze me how many people are loyal to you. And not just because of your secret stash of blackmailable photos.

Comment by Bazza

Oh it’s absolutely because of my photo blackmail skills. Have you forgotten why you still acknowledge my existence?

Comment by Rob

One of your great talents is building a team. Part of that is proving you give a damn about them beyond the job. This post is another example of that.

Congratulations to Leon and Carina in whatever they’re doing next.

Comment by George

He only does it for the gossip so he can then use against us. You do know that don’t you?

Comment by Bazza

Thanks for ruining the last whisper of respect George had for me. But yes … you’re right, in fact a couple of my new mob at R/GA were talking about that literally last night.

Shows how smart they are because it normally takes them a year to work it out. Or I’m slipping in hiding my real motivations.

Comment by Rob

george might have moments of being fucking thick but no one is so stupid to even have a fucking whisper of respect for you. except when you offer to buy dinner. so absolutely no fucking time for any fucking respect then.

Comment by andy@cynic

The end of an era. I imagine they must be really struggling now, losing pitches and not winning any awards.

Comment by John

it took 2 years for the stain of working with you to go before any other company would touch them.

Comment by andy@cynic

[…] I love it because of the effort they put in to it. […]

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