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When Media And Messaging Go Stupid …

So I’m away tomorrow so this is the last post of the week.

I know … what an early gift eh?

Well let’s see if you still feel that way after you’ve read it.

So recently – in the Fulham Broadway tube station – I saw this …

I know, it’s an innocuous little ad.

Harmless even.

What on earth could I find wrong with it?

Well a lot really,

Let’s start with this ad being in Fulham Broadway Tube Station.

I don’t know if any of you have see that station, but it’s this:

Yes … it’s on a street.

A busy street.

A busy street with no waterway conveniently located.

At least no waterway located within a few minutes walk so you could change your choice of transportation.


Why spend money on that?

Yeah ,., I know someone will say it’s because passengers from Fulham may catch another tube in a place where a ‘Thames Clipper’ is possible, but come on, if that’s the case do it in the fucking station where that is likely to happen.

But then there’s the actual ad.

I absolutely loathe ‘best kept secret’ type messaging.

Apart from the fact it is ensuring all the customers of Thames Clipper who may actually think it is the best kept secret are now about to be inundated by new passengers stealing their seat and general calmness of commute [because yes, advertising does work] this doesn’t tell you in any way WHY it’s the best kept secret?

Is it the tranquility of the trip?

The speed of the journey?

The price? [Let me tell you, it’s definitely NOT the price]

The timetable?

The locations you can get to?

The views?

The history of the buildings on the embankment?

The seats?


There are so so many different ways they could have handled this campaign … beautiful, inventive, charismatic ways … ways that could have made someone think twice about the darkness of the tube or the traffic jamming experience of the bus … ways that would have given the Thames Clipper a personality that out charmed even TFL … but no, instead they went with a poster of an old, white male who looks like he works in the city using a quote that says absolutely nothing about the experience in places where you are literally miles from being able to engage with it even if you wanted to.

Thank God I’m not here tomorrow, because I need a lie down.

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Another freebie holiday?

Comment by Bazza

At least you have wrote a post to send you off full of the spite and viscousness that made me once think it would be fun to work with you.

Comment by Bazza

We all change. Rob, not so much.

Comment by George

For change I assume you mean “grow up”.

Comment by Bazza

Yes. Though I imagine Robert may suggest we have grown old.

Comment by George

He would. And I am grateful for that. I may not have survived if I had continued as we used to be.

Comment by Pete

Rob is the Keith Richards of adland.
But the cheaper, lighter, weaker and less attractive version.

Comment by Bazza

Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. Especially when I have photos of you all when you were young and interesting. Ha.

Comment by Rob

Your mafia roots shining through.

Comment by Pete

Kinda …

Comment by Rob

more holidays than fucking trump.

Comment by andy@cynic

London is a beautiful city but it’s not Manhattan Beach. But then Manhattan Beach isn’t a secret so maybe that’s what they mean about why taking a Clipper is a great idea. By the way, Clipper is a terrible name, even if it does have nautical reference.

Comment by George

London by water is a treat. It reveals the cities splendour in a way other forms of transport cannot capture. That said I am unsure how convenient it would be for the daily commute and the last time I caught a Thames Clipper, the price was shockingly high.

Comment by Lee Hill

stop crying poor you bunch of privileged pricks.

Comment by andy@cynic

This is a close second.

Comment by DH

I’m not sure I would want to be stuck on a boat with a man who wears a jacket like that.

Also, do you think they are trying to have a sly dig at the London bus service by having one travel over his right shoulder? You can tell there’s no traffic in its way so that manipulative move may have backfired on them.

Comment by Pete

Good spot. Seems that bus has zero obstacles to get you to wherever you’re going.

Comment by Rob

Just cos you can’t turn left.

Comment by John


Comment by Bazza

well fucking said doddsy.

Comment by andy@cynic

Comment of the day.

Comment by DH

Happy free holiday.

Comment by Bazza

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