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Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

So a few weeks ago, in a Starbucks in Epping, I saw this man …

For those who don’t know who he is, it’s music icon Rod Stewart.

I appreciate his best days as a singer are over but the fact he’s 74, still has hit albums and sold out concerts and looks pretty much like he did 40 years ago, means he can look back on his life as pretty bloody successful.

There’s lots of stories about Mr Stewart.

His love life.

His happy feud/rivalry with Elton John.

His tightness.

But what isn’t talked about much is his love of his family.

I saw it when he walked into Starbucks.

In came his wife and a bunch of his kids – young and old – and they all sat together, chatting … laughing and sharing coffee and croissants.

I know this is something we see everyday, all around the World, but there was something lovely in seeing an international Rock Star act like the doting father and husband he obviously is.

I’m not denying he has made some pretty shit mistakes in the past … but without wishing to defend that … sometimes good people make bad mistakes and whatever happened in the past, at least he seems to remember what is truly important.

Nothing says this more than an interview he gave this year …

I don’t know about you, but I think this is wonderful.

It’s also weird his brothers and sisters are NINETY YEARS OLD.

But what I love most is that it is apparent for all his wealth, he feels his family is what truly makes him rich.

Even his ex-wife, Rachel Hunter, doesn’t really have a bad word to say about him.

Their divorce wasn’t because of infidelity, it was because she was young and after 13 years of him being a doting husband, she felt she wanted to go out and live more.

And even then, she – and he – made sure everything was both amicable and respectful.

The reason I’m saying this is because work/life balance is under greater pressure than ever.

Sure companies are talking about it more than ever before, but in the main, what they really mean is ‘it’s important to have a home life but make sure you do your work first’.

I also accept, it’s much easier to have work/life balance when you’re a multi, multi millionaire because when Mr Stewart was starting out, he was so in debt, his manager and record company pushed him to go out on tour so he missed a lot of his oldest kids early years.

But here’s the thing.

If we all appreciate that work/life balance is important [even if that is simply because it makes you more effective at work] and mental health has become an issue that has been accepted as a real issue, how come this isn’t included in any procurement demands from clients or agencies?

Maybe it is, but I haven’t heard about any.

I have heard of contracts that demand female representation.

And I have heard of contracts that demand people of color inclusion.

But nothing on mental health or work/life balance.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that issues of gender and background are being forced into contracts [but I’m so sad this is what it took to have it happen] but what about making sure these people are looked after once they are there?

Why isn’t that part of the deal?

Why is that not a key criteria of what we are all talking about?

Why is that something shareholders don’t demand of the companies they invest in?

I think we can all guess, but if you’re still not sure, head over to Corporate Gaslighting and read what some people have discovered are some of the reasons why.

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Comment by Billy Whizz

Great post Robert and a fantastic idea for a mental health condition in the contract. It will never happen which should highlight once and for all that companies are only comfortable with “saying” their staff are their best asset

Comment by George

What a brilliant idea. I will be talking to a few people about this today.

As for Mr Stewart, he is a charming man. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him on a number of occasions and he had never failed to seduce.

Comment by Lee Hill

You’re such a player.

Comment by Bazza

This has been a great week of posts Rob. To still be blogging after so long is an achievement. To be writing things that makes others think and feel is incredible. I love this post and I love how a chance meeting with Rod Stewart led to you coming up with such a simple but powerful idea.

Comment by Pete

It’s either blogging or annoying his colleagues and clients. I know which one they prefer. ; )

Comment by Bazza

Fair. And if it means he comes up with ideas like today’s, everyone wins.

Comment by Pete

only took him 13 years of writing this shit to have a decent idea.

Comment by andy@cynic

And needed Rod Stewart.

Comment by DH

Love everything about this Robert.

Comment by Mary Bryant

I am always disappointed with myself when I like something you’ve written, but I really like this, especially the contract idea. Outside of Lee, I agree with George that I doubt it will ever happen for the reasons you suggest at the end of your post. It’s only a principle if it costs something and bland mission statements about the importance of people, don’t cost a thing.

Comment by Bazza

underneath it all youre still a fucking planner boy arent you.

Comment by andy@cynic

More power to you Rob. May your tribe increase

Comment by Abhiroop

tribe? even his fucking shadow hates him.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by Jemma King

You don’t mention if he gave his siblings a seniors’ discount rate.

Comment by John

Trying not to fact check the joy out of your celebrity sighting. I ♥️ Rod so much. However, having listened to my Dad read sections from his (Rod’s) biography to me (he does this a lot, I didn’t bother reading it myself), he was extremely unfaithful to all girlfriends and wives (possibly not Penny as she goes everywhere with him). Dad was actually disgusted (one girl leaves, another enters side door etc). Rachel left him because she realised she was too young to be stuck at home while he was philandering. Apparently. Also, the way he does his hair is legendary. Thank you.

Comment by Madonna Deverson

I do say Rod made many unsavoury decisions – he admits it in his book too – but his love for his family had always been constant, far more than many other rock stars who have acted in terrible ways towards their partners. And just for the record, he never cheated on Rachel, ironically her leaving him might have been the thing that brought him to his senses.

Comment by Rob

That’s a relief. I may have read OK! Magazine which gave that impression. My mum was so sad when they split up…she said his eyes were smiling when he was with her. He was devo about it. If you watched that show about Alanna Hamilton & family, Rod even gets along with his ex’s exes (sp?). In one of the most unprofessional professions, he is a rare gem.

Comment by Madonna Deverson

where the fuck have you been hiding campbell?

Comment by andy@cynic

[…] Rod Stewart and Concorde were nice, as was getting a comment from Queen producer, Mack, and his son on the post […]

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