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Cultural Appropriation …

Cultural appropriation is a big subject these days.

I have to admit, I am torn by it.

Of course, when someone adopts anything from another cultural background and doesn’t acknowledge it’s origins – or doesn’t ensure it is expressed with the respect and context it deserves – then it’s bad [I’m looking at you Gwen Stefani] but I can’t help feel that in some circumstances, it can help build ties between heritages that can encourage understanding and acceptance.

Jesus … I sound like a Ms World contestant don’t I.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s all because I wanted to show this photo …

Yes, that really is a pizza with chips on it.


And it was at Whole Foods.

An American firm using British chips on an Italian cuisine.

If I was Italy, I would see this as a legitimate reason to declare war … but then, based on this campaign from my mate from a few years ago, maybe Italy culturally appropriated pizza from South Korea.


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Only you could turn a conversation about cultural appropriation into a post about chips on pizza. I am impressed and disgusted which sums you up perfectly.

Comment by Bazza

Not as disgusting as chip pizza.

My Mum would be going mental.

Comment by Rob

Which country did you find this? Asking for a friend.

Comment by George

Is your friend a cardiologist?

Comment by Pete

you dont have any fucking friends auntie g.

Comment by andy@cynic

It was in London, George.

Seriously, America’s influence on food habits and food quantity is a threat to mankind. Forget weapons of mass destruction, you’re selling chip pizza to the World.

Comment by Rob

I mean this nicely Rob, but you are the opposite of a Ms World contestant in every way. But your point regarding cultural appropriation is an interesting one. I would be angry if a culture who had oppressed my people suddenly used my heritage for their gain. As usual, it is down to what they do, how they do it and why they do it that divides the action between exploitation and respect.

Comment by Pete

I do have something in common with Miss World … we’re both incredibly outdated. That aside, I agree with you on the cultural appropriation point. It’s an incredibly delicate and complex problem … but in the right hands, with the right respect, I believe it can pull people together rather than set them apart. Sadly there’s less of them than those who just want to exploit in a bid to ‘look cool’.

Comment by Rob

That’s even worse than pineapple on pizza.

Comment by Cristian Mihai

you fucking purist.

Comment by andy@cynic

My mum would absolutely agree with you Cristian. She thought that was one of the most offensive things ever, hahaha.

Comment by Rob

Your ambivalence about cultural appropriation is understandable given that you come from culture-free Nottingham.

But I think you missed the point about that appalling pizza. It makes no sense that it comes from Whole Foods, it makes total sense when you understand that it actually comes from the high street branch of Amazon.

Comment by John


Should have known given I wrote this 2 years ago:

Comment by Rob

I have to confess one thing: the kebab joint on the street where I used to live in Rome sells it too.

Apparently it’s for kids. Or for grown-up kids with a massive hangover. Not sure it’s just a coincidence that they have one Burger King, one McDonald’s and a university all less than 15 minutes away.

They haven’t dared to try pineapples, though.

Comment by Stef

Hahahahaha … there is a limit even with the fast food lovers of Italy.

Comment by Rob

Is it cultural appropriation or America pushing their obesity culture on the rest of the world?

Comment by Lee Hill

It’s their most successful weapon of warfare.

Comment by Rob

you bought it and ate the whole fucking lot didnt you campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

The pizza is shit. The video is good.

Comment by Billy Whizz

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