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Lazy Disruption …

Right now, in supermarkets across super-conservative Singapore, is this …

Yep … that’s a real thing.

The product originates from the UK but – unsurprisingly – had it’s advertising banned there on the grounds of indecency.

[Which is why I’m kind of scared what they mean by 100% natural]

The fact it has been able to run this sort of thing in Singapore highlights the authorities there are either ultra-naive or super-broadminded.

Given the Red Dot Nation is not renowned for its liberalness – despite things like this getting through the system – I assume the introduction of a hoverboard in the visual convinced the powers-that-be that this was a genuine ad for a brand celebrating an active lifestyle.


But not quite as idiotic as the immature boys/expat wankers who’ll buy the stuff thinking they’re being witty. On the positive, the moment they’re seen with a can, they’ll be more hated than a Nottingham Forest owner. And trust me, that’s seriously hated.


Looking at how much make up that guy holding the can has on, advertising pussy is entirely appropriate.

Comment by DH

Those Singaporeans are filthy bastards aren’t they. I assume this started after you had lived there Rob.

Comment by DH

How long till we see a mainstream launch of a brand called “Fuck It”?

Comment by Pete

Almost there. I say fuck it to lots of brands already.

Comment by DH

I think lazy marketing would be a more appropriate title for this post than lazy disruption. Horrible and ridiculous.

Comment by George

Pussy’s target audience: twats.

Comment by Ian Gee

Do you drink it from a hairy cup?

Comment by Billy Whizz

filthy fucking genius.

Comment by andy@cynic

what the fuck is that shit.

who the fuck would buy that bollocks.

dont they know anyone with a hoverboard is a twat that needs a kicking.

Comment by andy@cynic

Except Marty McFly

Comment by northern

and even he only got away with it because he was fucking first.

Comment by andy@cynic

Love this Reddit comment:

“False advertising. No one with a hover board has ever.”

Also there was an amusing Photoshop Battle of this. . some favourites:

Comment by Oz Dean

where the fuck is campbell. no comments. is the prick on holiday again?

Comment by andy@cynic

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