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A Black Friday For Singapore …
January 22, 2016, 6:20 am
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So before I start, I should say a few things.

First is that I love Singapore.

I have many friends from there.

I lived there for 4 happy years.

I got married there.

I am a PR there.

Secondly is that what I am about to post is old, however when has that ever stopped me?

Anyway, way back in 2015, a retailer in Singapore decided to drum up some sales by doing a Black Friday promotion.

Yes, I know Black Friday is a US thing, but retailers are so desperate to take every penny from us that they can, that they’d flog their family if it meant an extra $1 in the till.

So this Singaporean teenage fashion brand decided to do an online promotional campaign.

Given it’s Singapore, the land of tranquil harmony, you’d think it would be fairly innocent wouldn’t you.

Well see if you still feel that way when you see this.

Bad eh.

Oh hang on, are you just looking at the inappropriate pre-pubecent girl simulating an orgasm?

Noooooooo …

Sure, that’s utterly inappropriate but look to the left of that.

Yes, it really says RAPE ME.


A women’s fashion shop has used the statement ‘RAPE ME’.

This from a nation where thousands of people signed a petition to ban Adam Lambert from performing at the New Years Eve party because his homosexual lifestyle sets a bad example to family values.

Of course the brand apologised like a mad man … but I note they also decided to blame it all on a graphic designer, as if that justifies the utter contempt of doing something like this.

We all make mistakes.

We all can say something that someone else may interpret wrongly.

But I am pretty certain there is no situation in history where a fashion retailer could actually think saying RAPE ME is acceptable.

If this was still 2015, I’d think about nominating them for fuck up of the year, but let’s face it … they’d only win second because let’s not forget the Malaysian Airline ex-Marketing Director who discussed the brand benefits of 2 airlines crashing, killing hundreds of innocent lives.

[For the record, 3rd place would go to Mr Publicis for his 7 minute ramble of ridiculous]

Is it any wonder why so many in business – and absolutely everyone in procurement – views anyone in marketing or advertising as a bit of a joke.

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That’s not an offensive mistake, it’s a criminal offense. And if it’s not, it should be.

Comment by John

I’m conflicted whether it’s criminal. On one side I know anyone can make a mistake but on the other, I fail to see how anyone could have not realised the deeply offensive nature of what is being said.

That said, it also shows what happens when a nation – ie: Singapore – tries to stop freedom of thought. Because when you are used to being told what to say/think/do, this is what happens when you express your ‘free will’.


Comment by Rob

Seriously? That is indefensibly terrible.

Comment by George

Perfectly put George. It is disgusting, as is the way the company are trying to relinquish their responsibility for its occurring.

Comment by Lee Hill

Yes … the attempt to blame others is astounding. In essence, unless the company was hacked, they have to accept responsibility for what happened.

Comment by Rob

singapore sounds like a trump supporter. self righteous when theyre fucked up.

Comment by andy@cynic

and passive aggressive apologists. basically my first fucking wife.

Comment by andy@cynic

So wife #2 was just an aggressive apologist?

Comment by DH

she was just a big fucking mistake.

Comment by andy@cynic

An expensive one.

Comment by Bazza

Like when politicians “thank god” and then try to pass laws that are the opposite of what he/she/it would want. If he/she/it existed.

Comment by DH

Maybe the petition to ban Adam Lambert was because he sang with Queen, not because he’s gay.

Comment by Bazza

I fail to see how this repulsive message could ever be an innocent mistake. I hope swift and severe legal action is taken against those responsible for it’s creation and publication.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Yep … I couldn’t agree more. There’s no way that could have been seen as anything other than divisive and offensive from the outlet.

Comment by Rob

Some creative wankers will have said, “You need to be brave and deliver shock value to cut through”. Inexcusable and just makes this stuff for Harvey Nics look even more intelligent than it already did
BMP at its finest – that schtick about pushing the end result as far it could go kind of shows that a formulaic approach approach to creative style really doesn’t need to be predictable (unlike TBWA chiat day with endless manifesto ads)
By the way Rob, after your Bowie post I note you are not mourning Glen Frey

Comment by northern

I love those Harvey Nic stuff … god it was good, but then, as you said, it was done by BMP.

As for Glen Frey, it’s always sad when someone dies and while he did many things, his influence was not – in my opinion – as progressive as Mr Bowie. Besides, I always preferred his music partner – Don Henley – because he wrote the magnificent ‘Boys of Summer’.

Which you probably hate. Ha.

Comment by Rob

I bloody love the Boys of Summer.
I was joking about Frey, not even Prince come close to Bowie. but are you really saying you don’t like The Heat is On.

Comment by northern

if we look at it critically, the fashion designer may be correct by saying RAPE ME. May be because most of the dresses when put on is just as bad as being naked. i think they did not “fucked up” but are decent dress activist 🙂

Comment by rogersco90

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