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There are a lot of people who think that in the digital age, nothing can be kept secret.

Maybe they’re right, but that doesn’t hide the fact that some people can keep their secret from being found out for a pretty long time.

Case in point is Elizabeth Holmes – the much lauded, self-made billionaire of biotech start-up Theranos.

That’s her in the photo.

While many have written about her, her story is really one about confidence.

Or should I say the dark side of confidence … both in terms of how she used it and how many fell for it. That said, it is also a story about the fear of missing out and how cash can blind the judgement of many otherwise sensible people.

[But, fortunately, not all]

It’s a truly scary story though I must admit, the thing that shocked me most was learning there was a guy in the US – admittedly a Brit – who had never worn a pair of jeans.

Anyway if you haven’t seen it yet, I encourage you to read it … it’s a modern day version of the Emperor’s new clothes.

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It makes House of Cards look like Blankety Blank.
(How is that for cultural reference Robert?)

Comment by George

Where did that come from?

Comment by DH

Never call me out for my lack of topicality again George.

Comment by Rob

She’s hot though.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Are you sure you’re not Trump’s son?

Comment by DH

No. I have better hair than Trump dudes.

Comment by Billy Whizz

That’s what you think.

Comment by Bazza

What’s confidence?

Comment by John

Available at

Comment by DH

I think start-ups in Silicon Valley are like the financial markets. It’s all about exuding the confidence you are in a strong position because the merest crack can bring it all down. Amazing story.

Comment by DH

One for Pete, George and Baz to answer methinks … ha.

Comment by Rob

If the emphasis is on start up, then I could not agree more.

Comment by Pete

Fascinating read. Kind of like an award-winning ‘Grey for Good’ campaign – except involving billions of investment dollars and lives of real people at stake.

Comment by Daniel K

Fear of missing out and greed seem to be what’s driving “innovation” Silicon Valley.

Consider that even at its peak, pre-allegations, VCs considered Theranos to be worth just half of something like SnapChat…

Comment by Bryan

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