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Depressing Inspiration …

Back in the 80’s, there was a real trend for companies to put up ‘inspiration posters’.

Corporate Yoda statements that were as contrived – and daft – as fuck.

Things like …

EXPLORE. Only those willing to leave shore can find new lands.

I’m not even joking. There was tons of them like this.

For a while they were all the range … so popular that a friend actually created a mass of pisstake versions in the early 90’s.

Here’s one of them:

They were soooooooo much better than the real thing.

And then, from the mid-90’s to around 2015, these empty statements died a death however – just when you thought it was safe – social media decided to bring them back with a vengeance.

However, if you thought they were bad before, they have reached a whole new level of terrible.

Or should I say a whole new depth.

So much of this is because of Linkedin …

I’ve written my views on the biggest fiction factory on earth before.

Seriously, it’s about as professional as me … that’s how bad it has become.

In fact, it feels more like a home for wannabe Tony Robbins than a place for professional interaction.

Nothing sums this up more than an ‘inspiration’ photo I saw on there a while ago.

Take a look at this.


I mean, just how depressing is that?

Sure, I know it’s trying to be deep and meaningful but christ almighty.

And they are using a photo of Jim Carrey to demonstrate the point.

But I’m not quite sure why him.

Yes, I know he has suffered loss and yes I have heard he supposedly doesn’t try to ‘impress’ people anymore … except he works in Hollywood and has a history of being an attention-seeking, approval-needing, soul-sucking individual.

Maybe he’s past that.

Maybe I have to stop using the term ‘Jim Carrey syndrome’ … which is how I used to describe people who are successful in one field, but are so desperate to win the respect of their peers, they change their actions and behaviour to try and win their approval, only to fail because that’s not who they are or what they’re good at.

I hope he is.

I hope that is the case.

That would be good and healthy for him.

But even with that … it still wouldn’t clearly explain WHY he is the star of this ‘grimperation’ poster, WHY the creator thought this approach would motivate people or WHY the person who posted it on their Linkedin, thought it may make them look like a guru.

That said, when I saw it, I genuinely burst out into hysterical laughter so maybe … just maybe … that was the whole point of the thing and if that’s the case, it’s bloody genius.

You wait. Depress yourself to happy will be on Linkedin status updates any day now.

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see you got your fucking ghost writer back. this post made me laugh out loud.

Comment by andy@cynic

was that longbottom behind the motivation pisstakes?

Comment by andy@cynic

Yep. And his writer partner Sam.

Best things they ever did to be honest, hahaha.

Comment by Rob

The irony being the company behind that depressing Jim Carrey post is called Growth Media.

Comment by George

I agree with you regarding Linkedin. I rarely ever visit it but when I do, I am struck by the vast number of posts that attempt to be inspiring but leave me feeling cold and miserable.

Comment by George

Are you replying to your own comment George?

Are you OK?

Comment by Rob

Didn’t Jim Carrey retire from acting after Sonic the Hedgehog 2?

Comment by John

I believe he threatened to. Maybe he has made that official until the check for Sonic the Hedgehog 3 arrives on his doormat.

Comment by George

He has said he was retiring after Sonic 2. But as it ended up being surprisingly super-successful, I think you may be right George. Let’s be honest, there’s lots of precedents … the band KISS are on at least their 5th ‘retirement tour’.

Comment by Rob

I’m confused. Is this saying Jim Carrey forgot who was inside the coffin he was carrying or Jim Carrey should kill himself? Seems we were ahead of our time with our Jim Carrey syndrome.

Comment by Bazza

The artist formerly known as Jim Carrey.

Comment by John

jim carrey has always been an annoying prick. seems that extends to when the fucker is carrying a coffin.

Comment by andy@cynic

I don’t have an answer for you Baz. But whatever it ends up being, it will still be ridiculous.

Comment by George

Depends on whether he took the blue pill or the red.

Comment by John

Based on how depressing the message in that post is, surely you mean the black or dark grey pill?

Comment by George

The fake motivation post motivates me more than the real one.

Comment by Wayne Green

I am in full agreement with you.

Comment by Lee Hill

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