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Some Kind Of Motivation …

On the 10th September, Metallica launched their Blacklist album – a reissue of their iconic ‘Black album’ from 1991.

It’s a very special album because not only is reissuing a 30 year old classic something to be handled with great care … it also features their songs being sung by a greater assortment of artists than you’d find in a packet of Bertie Basset’s Liquorice Allsorts.

From Elton John and Miley Cyrus through to Depeche Mode and Yo-yo Ma.

Add to it that each track sold goes to a specific charity of the artists choice, and you can imagine it was quite a complex beast to make sure it all ran smoothly.

I had a small part in that.

Specifically the charity management and distribution for the artists.

Getting closer to the launch date, the amount of details that needed to be finalised was pretty intense. What made it even more complicated – at least for me – was that by being based in NZ, I’m a full 16 hours ahead of NYC, so trying to co-ordinate timings with HQ became a bit of a logistical nightmare.

Or should I say, a mathematical one.

The night before, things were particularly tense so to make sure we stayed motivated and focused for literally the final hurdle, the band and record company management sent out some individual emails to various members of the team to inspire them to the finish line.

When JFK was in this situation, he asked America to think about what they could do to help the nation change and progress.

When Al Pacino’s character in the movie ‘Any Given Sunday’ needed to motivate his team to glory, he unleashed his iconic “inches” speech and watched them dig deep to record an unlikely win.

This is what I got.

While it may look like they’re taking the piss, I think there’s a really valuable lesson to learn from their approach.

Motivation isn’t just about what you say – or even how you say it – it’s knowing the people you are trying to motivate so well, that you know exactly what will connect with them.

Not many leaders do that.

Hell, not many leaders even understand that.

But those who do – whether its rock band management or the iconic Brian Clough – achieve loyalty and incredible performance out of all who work with them and for them. Though I appreciate I could be saying all this to ignore the other possibility of why they chose to send this meme to me. Hahaha.

You can buy something very special – that will literally and directly help tens of thousands of people around the World – here and learn more about the project and artists involved below

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finally some fucker has your number.

Comment by andy@cynic

Except they still employ me.
Well, not the people in question, but they didn’t push to sack me. Or at least I think they didn’t. Yet.

Comment by Rob

drugs can really fuck up peoples decision making.

Comment by andy@cynic

nothing sums up how fucked companies are than a rock band being seen as fucking sensible.

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s the new rebellion.

Comment by Rob

What if they meant it?

Comment by Bazza

they did. campbells ego wont let him believe it so hes done the usual planner shit and made it a compliment. twat.

Comment by andy@cynic

Thanks. All this time training my brain to ignore the truth and you came and made it all real again.

Comment by Rob

Rob has incredible performance. Said no one ever.

Comment by Billy Whizz

be fair. hes fucking off the charts at blagging shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

If they meant it, they chose the wrong way to express it because that is exactly the sort of thing you love. It’s a great album by the way. And I say this as someone who hasn’t ever liked Metallica that much.

Comment by Pete

It appears they were made for each other.

Comment by Lee Hill

Like mercenaries and terrorists?

Comment by Bazza

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