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There’s Three Types Of Old Person …

Contrary to the quote of Oscar Wilde above, I don’t think the young think they know everything.

Sure there’s some … but the vast majority seem to simply be curious to explore and learn. It’s why I have far more faith in the future of the planet in their hands than my peers.

In fact, I meet far more older people – normally white men – who have the attitude of being the font of all knowledge.

In fact, they all fall into one of 3 distinct groups …

Those who think they know everything.

Those who know they don’t know everything,

And those who do know everything.

Given the last group consists of one person – Mr Martin Weigel – that means the vast majority fall into one of the first 2 camps.

The scary thing is that there seems to be far more who think they know everything versus those who are open to keep learning. I do sort-of understand. A life lived is a life experienced. Except it isn’t … plus life is constantly moving and evolving so to come in with some condescending, self-important. “I know it all” attitude is literally the worst thing you could do.

And yet so many still do it.

The funny thing is, because they come in with an attitude of forcefulness, they rarely have people speak up against them so they go off thinking they’re right while everyone around them whispers how stupid they are.

My Mum – as usual – had it right.

She was always open to the new.

It didn’t mean she liked it.

It didn’t mean she understood it.

But she felt if it mattered to them, it should matter to her.

And that’s why she went out of her way to watch, listen and learn.

What’s even more wonderful is that people who saw her being interested in them were then interested in her.

She loved the idea that she could mess with the expectations people had of an elderly Italian woman.

Not so she could pretend she was young, but so she could feel she still was an active member of society. Someone who still had something to offer, even if that was to stop older people blindly discounting what was emerging in culture.

God I miss her.

Which is why her, “be interested in what others are interested in” should be something we all follow. Young, old, rich, poor … because the more we understand, the more we can actually create change rather than conflict.

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Since Martin knows everything, he must also know that you think he’s elderly. What does he think about that?

Comment by John

martin thinks he should get better fucking friends.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by Rob

Your Mum was a better strategist than most strategists.

Comment by DH

And definitely all old white male strategists.

Comment by DH


Comment by Rob

Martin Yoda Weigel.

Comment by George

dont be jealous, youre a fucking good jar jar binks.

Comment by andy@cynic

Thank you.

Comment by George

I think Jar Jar is playing a slightly higher standard of game than George these days.

Comment by Rob

best thing youve ever fucking said campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

Is being called Jar Jar better than Florence Nightingale?

Comment by Pete

Wow … is there some cream that can go with that burn?

Comment by Rob

There are a lot of companies that could benefit from your Mother’s perspective.

Comment by Lee Hill

Talking of old men, are you ever going to increase this font size?

Comment by Everard

Hahahahaha … no. But only because if I do that, I can’t keep pretending I’m 20 years of age, despite the fact I can’t read what I’ve written. [And not just because it’s so bad, ha!]

Comment by Rob

I once knew a very successful guy who told me he was “done with listening”. He explained he now knew enough, and it was time to share his expertise rather than gather more. Almost immediately, his fortunes started to decline. I wasn’t surprised. Things move too fast for that attitude these days.

Comment by Ciaran Murphy

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