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Gwyneth Is As Subtle As Her Acting …

So as you read this, I’ll be in Sweden and not back till Wednesday.

As I won’t be writing a post tomorrow, I thought I’d write a post today where the impact of it would easily last 48 hours/

So have a look at that picture.

A close look.

Seriously, isn’t it terrible?

It looks like it should be the poster for a porn movie rather than a show about an international actress who is appearing on an international streaming service.

And then there’s that line.

Christ almighty …

Do they think we don’t get what the image is supposed to reflect?

But then Gwyneth doesn’t do subtle does she …

I’m not just talking about her over-the-top Oscar speech or her ‘conscious uncoupling’ pretentious divorce language … I’m talking about this.

Yes, the candle that smells of her vagina.

From Goop, her company that makes up complete medical lies.

And while it would be easy to laugh at all this stupidity, the fact is that candle has sold out and Goop is supposedly worth $250 million which has led me to 3 conclusions.

1. Brands need to stop thinking humans are logic operated.

2. Market valuations are about as trust worthy as politicians.

3. I’m losing my faith in so much of humanity.

See you Wednesday. If you’ve recovered in time.

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So Gwyn admits she’ll make you a bigger cunt?

I didn’t need a poster or a TV show to know that but it would have been good if it had been endorsed by Chris Martin.

Comment by Billy Whizz

C-word straight off? Baller move or you were supporting the 49ers.

Comment by Bazza

The ads were worse than the 49ers and they were shit.

Comment by Billy Whizz

They were. I know how hard a SuperBowl ad is to make, but again – the moment the ad industry gets to show their power – they relied on bad jokes with a celebrity, old strategies with a modern take or a rational message that stands out for all the wrong reasons.

I did like the Snickers and Tide spots (one for taking their idea and just making it bigger and a bit more culturally relevant and the other for not trying to repeat their previous success) and I found the remake of the Apple PowerBook “what’s in yours” homage from McDonalds sweet … though I wonder if anyone would really give it much attention as it seems more suited to mainstream ads than the SuperBowl) but most were sadly utterly pants.

And yet again, no one found a way to use technology to change the SuperBowl experience, especially Amazon – which was OK, but we’ve all seen that idea a million time’s before.

Overall disappointing, which is sadly becoming the trend.

Comment by Rob

The car ads were especially bad this year.

Even Bill Murray’s “Groundhog Day” for Jeep was a big bust. To paraphrase Johnny Carson, 5 seconds of entertainment stretched into 60 seconds.

Comment by George

Jeep was better than most of the other car ads. At least it wasn’t trying to unite America over their leather seats.

Comment by DH

Official warning Billy.
No c-word please. You know that’s the only rule I have on here.

(Though I agree with the sentiment of your comment)

Comment by Rob

campbell is a fucking snowflake.

Comment by andy@cynic

most accurate fucking comment youve ever made billy.

Comment by andy@cynic

Another holiday. An average of 1 per month. You’re slowing down but it‘s only the 2nd.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Work. It’s for work. It’s always for work.

Though if it gets me away from you, it is a holiday. Ha.

Comment by Rob

For both of us.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Wework price market valuations are made up. Gwyneth shows there’s one born every minute.

Comment by Bazza

That sums the craziness of things very nicely.

Comment by George

LA thinks Gwyneth is royalty. It’s why I live in NY.

Jemma xo

Comment by Jemma King

You’re up late. But yes, LA is the only place where all that rubbish can thrive, let alone survive. My favourite part of it is it claims to be about natural health but it’s for women who have all had plastic surgery.

And they don’t see the irony of it.

Probably because so many people have it, LA thinks plastic surgery is natural.

Comment by Rob

Clearly LA isn’t the only place where that rubbish can thrive. LA’s basically the geographical endorsement that facilitates everything that follows.

Comment by John

She is shameless and could only exist in LA.

Comment by George

Yep. 1000%. It’s what makes LA so wonderful and horrific at the same time.

Comment by Rob

4th conclusion, Rob’s holiday schedule is a world beater

Comment by Northern

Don’t you start.

Comment by Rob

Credit where it’s due. She’s been all over the press for 2 or 3 weeks – sensational PR.

Comment by Jestyn

To be honest, ridiculous claims and vagina references have tended to always attract PR. Less sensational and more traditional … but I know what you mean.

Comment by Rob

Sex sells. Even sex from sexless Gwyneth.

Comment by DH

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