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Where Is Lee Harvey Oswald When You Need Him …

Ladies and gentlemen.

Boys and girls.

We have reached ‘peak hipster’ …

A monocle.

A bloody monocle.

It was bad enough when people started wearing glasses without lenses in but this … THIS!!!

And they say ‘splendid clear reading vision, when you need it’

What the hell does that even mean?

Splendid clear reading vision.

How different is that from clear reading vision.

And sure you need that all the bloody time …

I cannot tell you how angry this has made me and it’s only because they had the self awareness to add the word ‘madness’ to their website that I won’t turn up to their store with a weapon, which – given the period of time they are trying to bring back – would probably be pistols at dawn.

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I am surprised you have this view Rob. I agree with you but as you have the worst eyesight and need glasses as thick as telescopes to see anything, I’d have thought a subtle monocle would have met with your approval.

Comment by Bazza

I once put on Rob’s telescope glasses and experienced what I imagine an LSD trip must feel like.

Comment by Pete

Thanks for mocking my blndness.

Comment by Rob

Thanks for ending my weekend on a low.

Comment by Bazza

You’re making him happy Baz.

Comment by George

Our pain. His happiness.
Nothing ever changes.

Comment by Bazza

After you insulted my eyesight, lets call this even.

Comment by Rob

They got the madness part of their headline correct.
Isn’t the hipster phase of our evolution dead or dying?

Comment by George

Am I correct in thinking you referred to the title of this post in an American government event you were speaking at a few years ago? Or am I just thinking that’s the sort of thing you would say.

Comment by George

It must have happened as now you mention it, I remember something about that too.

Comment by Bazza


Comment by Pete

Quick search and I discover he’s used that heading before and insulted the US chamber of commerce in HK.

Comment by Pete

So it is something Robert would do and he did it. My character assessment/assassination is entirely justified.

Comment by George

Yep … I did … and it went down as well as me seeing a company trying to sell monocles as an article of contemporary eyewear and fashion.

Comment by Rob

Says the man who has loyalty bonuses from all the hipster hotel chains.

Comment by John

Are we in 2019 or 1819?

Comment by Lee Hill

No one is sure on this blog Lee.

Comment by DH

if you buy one of those campbell, i will smash it in your fucking eye and youll need a fucking guide dog.

Comment by andy@cynic

but even you arent that fucking sad. but if it had wifi i bet you would fucking do it. you fucking prick.

Comment by andy@cynic

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