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Warc Show They’re Weird …

As you know, the lovely fools at WARC asked Martin and I to talk at Cannes as part of our School of Strategic Arts.

That was mistake number 1.

Mistake number 2 was recording the entire session.

But if you thought it was impossible to make matters worse, they have done it by making mistake number 3 and putting it on their site for subscribers to watch.



But wait, there’s more stupidity.

Yep, more than asking us to present … at Cannes … and recording our session and then putting it on their site for subscribers to watch.

They’re also allowing people to watch it for free.


Which, if I’m honest, is the going rate for the standard of talk we gave.

Well … that I gave. Martin, as usual, was stellar.

Damn him.

Watch it here.

Send your complaints here.

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* Grabs popcorn.

Comment by Bazza

I’m surprised you didn’t end that with, “throws it at the screen”.

Comment by Rob

Strong t-shirt game Robert. This will be fun.

Comment by George

OK. It’s good. Very good. I particularly like how pissed off you both are at the questions. You have every right to be, they’re idiotic. And don’t you part own redbubble? Isn’t that classes as insider selling?

Nice work Rob, you still have it.

Comment by Bazza

Absolutely right. Martin’s disdain was excellent.

Comment by John

At best those questions were asked prior to the presentation. At worst, it was the usual audience member trying to gain attention for themselves rather than adding to the conversation.

Comment by Rob

I think you swore more than cannes has ever seen.
You can take the boy out of Nottingham etc.

Comment by DH

I don’t understand or want to understand anything about advertising, but I enjoyed watching this Robert. You can tell where Otis gets his cheekiness from.

Comment by Mary Bryant

That’s the highest praise we could have.

Thank you Mary.

Comment by Rob

Cutural landfill is a great phrase.

Comment by John

Sums up this blog pretty well doesn’t it.

Comment by Rob

Not the comments.

Comment by John

this blog is toxic cultural landfill. except the toxicity is not poison, but slow fucking boredom.

Comment by andy@cynic

Congratulations on a wonderful talk. You make a great team and leave a stale industry with a fresh perspective.

Comment by Lee Hill

you know how far adland has fucking fallen when knowing your fucking audience is a fresh perspective.

Comment by andy@cynic

fucking hell campbell, do you actively try to be unprofessional? theoux shirt. fucking instagram photo. swearing. thanks for reminding me why underneath it all, i semi like you.

Comment by andy@cynic

How can he represent chaos when this behavior is his consistency?

Comment by DH

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