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The Many Faces Of Beautiful …

I’ve written how mental Gucci have been in the past few years in both their fashion and their marketing – though on this last point, it’s been quite refreshing from the up-itself-image-bollocks the fashion industry tends to perpetuate.

However I recently saw an ad for their lipstick that is making me think they’re doing more than just trying to superficially differentiate from the competition.

Yes brands like Dove have celebrated ‘real beauty’ before – though they also sold skin whitening products so you know that their intentions for female empowerment are not entirely true – but it’s rare for a high end fashion brand to do such a thing, especially in such dramatic fashion.

You see even though Dove celebrated women of all shapes and sizes, they tended to all be classically beautiful … however here is Gucci, doubling own on celebrating the beauty of the imperfect by showing what my American friends would say is a ‘British smile’.

We will have to see if they are truly going to push this agenda but in an industry so superficial they can make a puddle look like an ocean, this is a step in the right direction in helping women celebrate their own beauty, not someone else’s definition of it.

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Bravo Robert for recognising this.
Bravo Gucci for doing it.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Hello Mary.

How would you feel about Gucci if you discovered they did it as a one off?

Comment by Pete

nice to see mary respecting your question as much as she respects george.

Comment by andy@cynic

This is a departure from Gucci’s recent comms style. I like it. It legitimizes the real beauty approach more than every Dove campaign combined. I wonder if it represents their new attitude or if it’s a one off. Gucci are guilty of spreading the old stereotype of beauty and it will take more than a lipstick ad to change that.

Comment by Bazza

Fair viewpoint. But if Mary likes it, I like it.

Comment by George

I agree with you Baz.

Comment by Pete

Whether they have done it to redefine beauty or to differentiate from the category, it makes people pay attention and think which is more than most ads achieve. Especially in the fashion category.

Comment by George

The problem with your argument Rob, is the fashion industry, or the high end fashion industry, base their entire existence on defining what others should view as beautiful. I know the brand has handed over its marketing to culture to play with, but I doubt they will hand over their role in defining what fashion is. This ad is a step in the right direction, but they are the last people I’d trust to do what’s right for the general population.

Comment by Pete

you should settle it with a scrap.

Comment by andy@cynic

I hear everyone on this campaign.

I appreciate the cynicism and the doubt.

But it’s funny the people raising this the most are men. Doesn’t mean we’re wrong, but maybe it does mean we can’t relate to the situation as deeply as women – who have had to deal with this shit every day of their life.

Whether Gucci is going to take this stance for the long road is something we shall have to wait and see, but even a moment of change – as George says – is a welcome relief to those who have been told to hide their flaws rather than embrace them.

Comment by Rob

I can think of no other brand that has suffered more at the hands of influencer/hustler marketing. This feels like a tiny step back to some kind of authenticity: something that GUCCI could and maybe should never fully achieve. Great smile, terrible kerning. Morning.

Comment by Marcus

Good point Marcus … but then they suffered because they encouraged it rather than were victims of it.

As for the kerning, maybe that is to connect to the unusual spacing of the teeth? Don’t worry, I’ll hit myself for that post-rationalisation.

Morning to you too.

Comment by Rob

you fucking sad prick.

Comment by andy@cynic

for such a pessimistic, cynical cock, youre a fucking nicey nicey optimist.

Comment by andy@cynic

I just thought it was a good colour lipstick (wasn’t that the point?)

Comment by Lesley Cheng

[…] with brands like Mr Ji and Gucci both embracing this change and driving it … it will be interesting to see how many other […]

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