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It’s A Fine Line Between Pettiness And Revenge …

… and I have always struggled to walk that line properly, but fuck it … the person it’s about has screwed over so many people – including myself – to ensure they are able to maintain [and protect] their career and internal reputation.

Now I appreciate they never went out their way to bring anyone down.

And I know that deep down, they are not a bad person, just a very, very ambitious person.

But when you don’t back your people so you can look good to your bosses, then eventually you get what you deserve.

It might not be as much as the people they screwed over think they deserve … but when you know that their entire ‘reputation’ is built on very fragile foundations, you also know the slightest crumble in their carefully constructed ‘career veneer’ affects them deeply inside.

God, I’m such a bastard, but for good reasons.

After all, the brilliant Rupert Howell once said about me, “Robert is driven by hate, but in a relatively good way.”

Oh, and for the record, while this individual is not part of the post I wrote relating to When Work Tries To Destroy You, he is part of the reason – admittedly, a very small part – of why I started Corporate Gaslighting.

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Sometimes I like you.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Let’s never mention this again … OK?

Comment by Rob

sick prick.

Comment by andy@cynic

Your handwriting is the tidiest thing about you.

Comment by Bazza

Ain’t that the truth …

Comment by Rob

That is quite the reference from Rupert.

Perfectly captured as usual. Are you still in touch with him Robert?

Comment by Lee Hill

Rupert was always meticulous in his point of view. Sadly. Hahaha. I’ve not spoken to him for a couple of years now – what about you?

Comment by Rob

A reminder to never get on your bad side.

Comment by Pete

Though in fairness, if I do get on your bad side, I likely deserve all you will subject me to.

Comment by Pete

I will show this to the judge in our future court case waiting to happen. Hahahaha.

Comment by Rob

I think you’re too generous. Whether someone goes out of their way or not to do someone down is irrelevant – they’re conscious of undeservedly doing someone down for personal benefit and that’s crossing the line.

Comment by John

I like this and I firmly believe we all get found out in the end, but I personally don’t have the energy for anger.
Actually, I do, for whoever invented Media Arts

Comment by Northern

handwriting of a serial killer. fucking fact.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by DH

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