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Making Sure They Know They Matter Even When You Leave …

Yes I know today is the day where all the ghosts and ghouls are supposed to come out and play, but I thought I’d inject a bit of love and positivity into the World.

I know … who the hell am I?

Unsurprisingly, this new side of me is connected to my past life in LA.

While we are absolutely loving being in England and London, there are things about LA we miss.

One of them is Otis’ amazing preschool.

As I have written before, it’s an amazing, creative, inclusive place of learning and we were so happy he was there.

But leaving was always going to be hard – especially given we were leaving the country – so we asked the school if we could buy a piece of furniture for them on behalf of Otis.

Not just because it’s a school where the lessons are conducted outdoors but because we wanted Otis to know that while he was in America for a short time, his presence mattered to the community and the community mattered to Otis.

I’m so grateful they said yes which is why, while we’re thousands of miles away in the cold of England, there is a bench in sunny Manhattan Beach that allows Otis to always be in a place he loved while also letting his friends – and future students – always enjoy being in the environment they find themselves in.

The point of this post also relates to the people I’ve been lucky enough to call colleagues around the World, but that’s a post for another day [and does not relate to leaving stickers and badges around the place] so with that, I just want to say a huge thank you to Manhattan Beach Nursery School, the kids and parents who go there and LA as a whole.

Take that Halloween.

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That is a classy and thoughtful move Rob.

Comment by Pete

I know … who’d of thought I was capable of something like that eh?

Comment by Rob

How is Otis settling in at school? It must be so different for him.

Comment by Pete

It’s very different … he has to wear a uniform for a start and it’s more structured and less hippy/freeform than the one he used to go to. Then there’s the cold …

But he’s doing brilliantly. It’s a bit of a learning curve but he says he’s enjoying it and he gets to play with kids his own age which has to be better than being at home with his parents, so it’s all good for him. He’s a little legend.

Comment by Rob

best thing youve ever fucking had anything to do with. and as usual, your contribution was a couple of seconds work you milk for the rest of your life.

Comment by andy@cynic

What a sweet and thoughtful gesture. I’m sure the children love it and remember their delightful chatterbox friend every time they are climbing over it.

Comment by Mary Bryant

I hope so …

Nothing would make us all happier to be honest.

Comment by Rob

You are making me feel an inadequate parent again Mr Campbell.

Comment by George

Oh trust me, you’re doing very well mate.

Comment by Rob

You have nothing to worry about George.

Comment by Mary Bryant

except when hes buying birthday cakes.

Comment by andy@cynic

otis is so fucking lucky his mum is his mum.

Comment by andy@cynic

Such a great idea, it’s especially important for kids to understand that moving doesn’t mean forgetting or disappearing.

Comment by Rob (Other one)

You must save so much at Halloween not having to buy anything to scare the shit out of kids.

Comment by Billy Whizz

‘Hang on kids, he has Birkenstocks on… let’s go next door.’

Comment by Rob (Other one)

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