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Nothing Says Thought Leadership Like Outsourcing Your Thought Leadership …

Anyone who has ever read this blog would know the last thing I’m about is thought leadership.

Maybe thought rambling, but not thought leadership.

However a company recently reached out to me about that very subject.

Not to hear my perspective on a particular subject, but to offer to tell me my perspective on a particular subject.

Is this AI on a whole new level?

No, it’s a company who apparently doesn’t like small talk and wants to get straight-to-the-point about offering me the chance to have them write an opinion piece for me and then get it published.

Not my actual opinion, I should add … but one they know they can shove in any random magazine because they’re desperate for content and get me to pay them for the privilege.

Oh, they drop some great magazine names.

Fast Company. Forbes. Tech Crunch.

But we all know the reality is 99% of the articles will be in stuff like the West Bridgford Gazette and the Illawarra Mercury.

I would love to know how many of these things they do?

How many ‘thought leaders’ are actually thought outsourcers?

And I guess I will because I’ve written to them to say ‘this looks amazing, please can you give me more information’, even though the reality is I already feel enough of an imposter without paying these bastards to rub it in.

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Brilliant. I have a sneaky suspicion a great number of high profile people use this service which, as you say, makes a mockery of thought leadership.

Comment by George

people who want to be thought leaders are wankers. fact.

Comment by andy@cynic

I agree with you. If anyone aspires to be a thought leader rather than be given that label as a byproduct of what they do, then they deserve all the abuse they will get.

Comment by Rob

i might pay them to write this blog. it cant be as shit as it already is. fucking impossible.

Comment by andy@cynic

I wouldn’t like insulting a ghost writer. It would feel a waste of my precious sarcasm.

Comment by DH

Precious would mean you only have a limited amount of sarcasm. Trust me, you don’t.

Comment by Rob

youve got more fucking sarcasm than an eu corn mountain.

Comment by andy@cynic

you feel an imposter? better mean an imposter of a man.

Comment by andy@cynic

Man. Planner. Human. So many to pick from.

Comment by DH

All of the above.

Comment by Rob

Is this the next stage of fake news, fake authors?

Comment by DH

“Written-content” with an academic twist and a superfluous hyphen. You should hop on that call. We all want to know what your target community might be?

Comment by John

I am … I’m talking to them next week.

Comment by Rob

you waste other peoples time like no fucker ive ever met.

Comment by andy@cynic

A meeting of minds.

Comment by John

I recently received a similar mail and was appalled. After speaking to our PR team, I have been informed it is an approach widely adoptef by many FTSE companies which has made me even more disappointed.

Comment by Lee Hill

God that is even more depressing. Thanks Lee.

Comment by Rob

I can sense this story will be as good as the magazine that wanted you to pay to receive an award for cynic.

Comment by Pete

Why don’t you fuck with their heads by offering your services to them.

Comment by Billy Whizz

he doesnt write bullshit for anything less than 10k per day.

Comment by Bazza

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