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Plane Crash Advertising. Again.

I’ve written a lot about how bad airline advertising is.For an industry that is selling escape, adventure, discovery and recuperation – I’m shocked how terrible it is.

Sure, there’s exceptions … Virgin has always been strong [and not just because I was involved in so much of it] and the S7 work from Wieden Amsterdam was wonderful, but the majority are the sort of bland rubbish I’ve ranted about from Singapore and Turkish airlines.

Well there’s a new shit airline ad challenger in town and it’s Lufthansa.

What. The. Hell?

Everything about this piece of awful bemuses me.

The only reason being on a plane at sunrise/sunset is better than being on a rooftop bar with your mates is because you get a better view.

That is literally it.

Sure you might be going on holiday.

Sure you might be sat in business class.

But in terms of that fleeting 60 seconds you get to see the sunset/sunrise, I can assure you it’s better to be at a rooftop bar with your mates.

Even more so if you’re talking about watching the sunrise … because the only reasons you’re awake at that time are shit.

1. You’re jet-lagged to hell.

2. You’ve been woken up mid-sleep to be served some sloppy breakfast that is way too early for you to digest.

And yet they still have the audacity to say ‘air travel engineered around you’.

No it’s not.

Unless this ad was created to appeal to an uber-niche target audience that get sexually excited at seeing sunsets, there is absolutely no evidence Lufthansa engineer their air travel around their passengers needs.

Maybe I should test it.

Hey Lufthansa, I really like spending the day with my family and I hate having to go through all the hassle of getting to the airport and then dealing with security so could you bring your plane near my house and wait for me for when I’m ready to fly?

Could you?

Please … after all, you engineer air travel around me.

You silly, lying, bad-marketing fools.

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you know how shit this weeks posts have been when you think this bollocks is almost good.

Comment by andy@cynic

I know. I caught myself smiling reading this post before I pulled myself together.

Comment by DH

There’s some posts coming up that I’m quite proud of. I know that’s no testimony, but still … I’m trying to end the year on a high. Or a low, depending on your perspective of this blog.

Comment by Rob

crap image. crap art direction. crap copy.
kraut advertising at its fucking best.

Comment by andy@cynic

i want to know what lee thinks.

Comment by andy@cynic

Good to see Rob is still creeping to Lee for his free upgrades.

Comment by DH

I assume Lee will continue to be the opposite of me … professional, intelligentl and successful.

Comment by Rob


Comment by George

Sometimes silence is the best option Andrew.

Comment by Lee Hill

The S7 spot is great.

Comment by DH

Yep … it’s bloody awesome. I’m so over those ‘kids talk’ type ads but that takes it to somewhere new and brilliant. As usual with Wieden, especially Wieden Amsterdam.

Comment by Rob

What would you know about roof top bars or mates?

Comment by Billy Whizz


Comment by DH

From the years of your bragging when we worked together. ‘Worked’ in the loosest of possible definitions … and I’m not talking about me, before you try and throw that back in my face.

Comment by Rob

An airline spends millions of dollars announcing they have flights at sunset and offer drinks onboard. All airlines do this, why do they think this is unique?

Comment by George

That’s a good point, which means they’re also trying to claim that a view from a window seat when the plane is in the air is unique to them too. Mad.

Comment by Rob


Comment by George

Ahem. Wasn’t it you who wrote an orgasmic post about the sunlight sparkling on your glass? You even posted a photo of it.

Comment by John

Yes … because it’s a great photo that ignited a range of emotions in me whereas this is a bad photo that talks a load of rubbish.

Comment by Rob

The photograph Robert posted about is much better than the Lufthansa advertisement.

Comment by George

That’s true. The Lufthansa one looks like a Boots poster.

Comment by John

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