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Vanity Drives Insanity …

A little while ago, I wrote about how technology scared me.

It wasn’t because Facebook had served me an ad suggesting I may like to buy a Queen t-shirt that states I was born in the month of June … it was because it was hideous, even for me.

However recently, I was exposed to something even worse than that.

Something that technology was to blame for.

This …

OK, so these things are meant to be a bit of mindless fun … but imagine if you were Barack Obama or Chris Evans.

Would they think it’s ‘mindless fun’?

Mindless, maybe … but fun?!

Even if the technology behind this ‘game’ is simply randomly grabbing 2 celebrity photos and claiming the enquirer is a combination of them, it’s all a bit dangerous.

Yes, I said dangerous … which I openly admit, is a very over-the-top statement, but it’s my blog so I’ll call it what I want.

Oh yes.


So back to the point of the post …

You see there are a huge amount of people who are forever looking for evidence of their specialness and they adapt their reaction to news and events to suit.

A horoscope announcing the World will recognise your contribution to civilisation?

Met with a sense of positivity or – at the very least – hope, even if you try laugh it off to your mates. Trust me, if you’re reading it out for others to hear, there’s a part of you that believes it. Or wants to believe it.

A horoscope announcing this is a week where you will reveal yourself to have failed?

Met with a sneer and swear words.

The thing I found funny about this ‘which celebrity are you most like’ thing, was how many people did it and posted the results.

There were just as many people despairing about what was given to them as there was humble bragging.

The despair was written in a way where you felt the person was asking their friends for reassurance that they weren’t really a cross between Lassie and Britney Spears whereas the humble braggers wrote with a tone that tried to convey they’d found the whole thing hilarious while actually being smug their true spirit had been recognised by an online ‘game’.

And that’s why I love what I do … because while many think it’s all about listening and watching, I feel it’s about understanding and interpreting because so much of what we do is driven by what we are trying to hide [even from ourselves] rather than what we want to reveal.

As I’ve said many times, we’re all hypocrites and these shit Facebook things have a wonderful way of revealing it.

[But I really do think I have Chris Evans/Obama qualities. In my case, I’m positive it’s all true]

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Most fucked up math answer I’ve ever seen.

Comment by Billy Whizz

1+1= 💀

Comment by DH

Remember, I did once get 2% in a maths tests.

And it’s MATHS, not MATH!!!

Comment by Rob

You’re going to go down a storm in the US.

Comment by Bazza

You’ve just done to Obama what Trump dreamed about doing to Obama.

Comment by DH

All it needs is Rob holding a birth certificate from any country in Africa and Trump’s wildest dreams just came true.

Comment by Bazza

Admit you only wrote that horoscope stuff to justify showing that photo.

Comment by DH


Comment by Bazza

Basically. But there’s more truth in what I say than a Trump speech. But I guess, that’s not that hard to do.

Comment by Rob

Edith Evans + Barrack Room Lawyer gives the same result.

Comment by John

As you say Robert, technology has a dark side.

Comment by Lee Hill

I’m waiting for someone to mass launch a digital mirror that basically shows a photoshopped reflection of you in real time. It’s going to happen, after all some fashion brands already label their clothes to be smaller than they actually are to appeal to their audience ego.

Comment by Rob

Based on your own retail experience?

Comment by John

when is data mining turn into data minding? Never? Till then keep telling facebook all your secrets and live anxiously to stay updated with every trend. And oh fuck the outdoors – because no one in their right mind wants to switch off laptop and actually go out and meet people.

Comment by paranoidslayer

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