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Sometimes Crazy Is The Most Sensible Thing In The World …

So a while back I saw this weird looking thing being advertised everywhere.

It’s that thing at the top of this page.

At first, I was captivated … it looked like the ultimate gadget.

And then, on closer inspection, I realised it literally did nothing.

That’s right …

No wifi.

No bluetooth.

No nothing.

Just a bunch of buttons and balls to press, roll and click.

Seriously, who would need this shit?

People with game controller addiction?

People with pen clicking obsession?

People with nothing better to do?

And then I saw the manufacturers had created this terrible video to help explain things …

Look, I know the ‘fidget cube’ is relatively cheap … but contrary to the video’s claims, ‘fidgeting’ is not actually an addiction and so you have to ask if people really need something like this over – say – ‘tapping their foot’ repeatedly.

So I bought one.

And you know what … it’s fucking amazing.

I know … I know … my taste is hardly the barometer for mass acceptance, but remember, I am saying positive things about something that literally has no wifi, bluetooth or web access and I’m a guy that has bought robot balls and a mug that will digitally tell me what I’m drinking even though I CAN TASTE WHAT I AM DRINKING.

I’ve bought loads of them now.

In multiple colours.

And while that may make me look a fucking idiot, the fact is there’s a valuable lesson in all this.

No, it’s not that ‘Rob spends his money on tat’ [though that is also a learning] it’s the fact that if someone had told me about it, I’d have dismissed it as ridiculous.

An over-engineered solution to a problem that isn’t really a problem.

And yet the reality is, I didn’t just buy it … I use it all the time and I truly feel it has helped me focus more.

I know that sounds mad and I swear I have no commercial interests in it … but on top of everything, it reinforced a lesson I have continually pushed upon The Kennedys, which is never kill an idea until you’ve tried it.


Not just because you may find it actually could end up being something awesome, but even if it doesn’t, it often opens up doors of opportunity you never would have seen before.

The older I get, the more I realise ‘try before you kill’ is one of the most important lessons you can learn.

Especially for planners.

Especially for planners who want to help create something that can change something.

Even if it ends up being something people ridicule.

Until they try it.

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I am in awe at the way you have turned the purchase of a gadget in to a lesson for planning and creativity. A good lesson I should add.
Almost as much in awe as I am that you purchased a gadget that has zero technological element within in and yet you still seem enamored with it.

Comment by George

It’s a talent.

As for my love of a none-tech gadget. I am in shock too.

Is this the beginning of a new me? Probably not given I’ve just bought a robot [] and a wifi piece of jewellery. []

Comment by Rob

you are the saddest fucker ever born.

Comment by andy@cynic

dont worry campbell, they dont make you look an idiot. you had that fucking nailed when you decided birkenstocks were your thing.

Comment by andy@cynic

Or his queen tees.

Comment by DH

And his face.

Comment by Billy Whizz

and youre not fucking fooling anyone with your mr open and enthusiastic act. theres a reason you were known as simon fucking cowell at happy towers and its not because you both like wearing really fucking shit jeans.

Comment by andy@cynic

but as auntie said, its a good fucking lesson to learn. shame you learnt it 20 years too fucking late. or it would be if id ever fucking paid attention to anything you said in a creative review.

Comment by andy@cynic

This post has really scared me.

Comment by DH

I’ve seen those cubes. Are they really good? Trust you to buy them to excess. Good post by about not killing anything till you’ve tried it, that goes as much for strategy as it does creativity.

Comment by Pete

Yeah … they’re really, really good.

They also have the added advantage of making the other people in the room with you nervous while it helps you to be calm and focused. Haha.

Comment by Rob

Just how many have you purchased Robert? Humour me.

Comment by Lee Hill

To the nearest 100.

Comment by DH

In that case, it’s 100.

[But it’s really 15. I know … I know …]

Comment by Rob

The photo you tweeted looked like a heck of a lot more than fifteen.

Comment by John

15! You sad bastard.

Comment by DH

sorry otis, your dad has spent all your inheritance on fucking shite.

Comment by andy@cynic

“Terrible'” video? I thought it was hilarious. A great parody of those infomercials for ‘restless leg syndrome’ or whatever ails you this week. The gadget looks fun too. Well spotted.

Comment by Ian Gee

I’ve ordered one. If I find out you do have equity in them, I’m going to sue you for manipulation or something.

Comment by DH

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