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If You Think People In Advertising Get Paid For Nothing, You Should See Headhunters …

OK, so before I begin, not all headhunters are lazy fucks.

I have met a few who take a genuine interest in your career and offer advice – as well as guidance – in how you can, and should, move forward.

This involves taking a real interest in what makes you tick … some tough love … and a real desire to match your talents and quirks with an organisation who values the person as much as the job role.

But there’s not many of them.

Sadly, there are far more who are like this …

This is how I responded …

Then – realising their mistake – they tried to make amends, except they showed they completely missed the point …

To which I ended the conversation with this …

Seriously, what the fuck is going on with the recruitment industry.

Yes, I know this is the worst of it, but sadly there are far more of these lazy bastards than there are truly professional headhunters.

Why on earth would a company use them if they know they are paying for someone to randomly email folk on Linkedin.

Of course, the reason is because a lot of companies don’t really care about who they hire for their organisation as long as they sit down, shut up, do the job and can be replaced quickly.

There are some headhunters I would help.

Headhunters who I have got to know – and been helped by – for years.

Headhunters who see the person before the commission.

But to some random person from the internet who is too lazy to actually do their job properly … well, they can fuck off.

For all the talk of ‘talent being a companies most important asset’, it is increasingly obvious that speed is much more highly regarded, which is why I decided not to name and shame the person who sent me this, because ultimately they are simply a pawn in the whole seedy industry … an industry that seems to be doing an even better job than adland at turning itself into a commodity.

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In the old days you would have named and shamed them and posted their contact details. You’ve changed.

Comment by Billy Whizz

How can you say he’s changed when his blog has featured the same 3 subjects (planning, family, his best mates penis) for the last 10 years?

Comment by DH

But he was a bit more interesting a decade ago. For interesting I mean “a bigger bastard.”

Comment by DH

You know I can read your comments, don’t you?

Comment by Rob

fair call billy boy but at least hes not lost his petty little fuck gene.

Comment by andy@cynic

Don’t get me started about recruiters.

Comment by John

go on doddsy, lets fucking hear it.

Comment by andy@cynic

They’re not recruiters or head hunters they’re low paid and desperate.

Comment by DH

And stupid and annoying.

Comment by DH

I’d say they’re basically double-glazing cold callers but many aren’t even bothering with that anymore.

Comment by Rob

double glazing. fuck me campbell youve just reminded me why i left blighty.

Comment by andy@cynic

their first fucking mistake was thinking you were going to help them.
who the fuck would hire someone you recommend.

Comment by andy@cynic

Headhunters is the perfect name for them.

Comment by George

I have a different name for them.

Comment by DH


Comment by Rob

The most genius thing is that you can read through the pixels. Ha. Great Rob.

Comment by Luca

I am guessing that is not accidental.

Comment by DH

I guess you don’t want any headhunter to contact you about a job ever again then Rob.

Comment by Pete

Ah, the Humour Resources industry at work.

(I call them that because they’re usually a complete fucking joke).

Comment by Ian Gee

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