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When GREY Turns Black …

Yes, I know I’ve written about this a lot before – hell, I wrote something just 2 weeks ago – but I have to vent.


As many of you now know, GREY Singapore claimed to have developed an app that could help stop refugees escaping their troubled homeland via the high seas, from dying.

It won a bronze Cannes Lion.

It was a total and utter fake.

Rightfully, this was picked up by the media and forced GREY to reluctantly [and I mean, reluctantly] hand the award back, but I have a question …

Why are people shocked at the scandalous behavior of Grey and Cannes?

This has been happening for years and nothing ever happens. Nothing.

Of course, exploiting refugees to win a bronze Cannes Lion is utterly sick but, let’s remember, LYING ABOUT ANYTHING IN A BID TO WIN AN AWARD IS SHIT … whether it’s an iodine bindy, a wifi enabled clothes peg or an app that alleges to help stop needless deaths of refugees taking to the high seas to escape their troubled homeland, despite the fact it is all fake and doesn’t work.

And what did GREY say in response to this finding?

They claim they had been clear it was only in its ‘testing phase’.

Which begs the question, why the hell did they think it was OK to enter an award supposedly based on real work.

I’d love to see the submission and see if their write-up highlighted this fact … which then means Cannes should have kicked it out before it even got to the judging phase.

A total fuckfest managed by imposters and charlatans.

But here’s the thing …

I don’t think the creatives at Grey Singapore are purely to blame for this.

They’ll probably get made the scapegoats, but it goes far beyond them.

There’s the local management who demanded their creative department win awards.

And the global management … despite their claim they never do this sort of thing.

And let’s not forget the holding company that pushes their companies for more and more [fake] results.

And then there’s Cannes … who openly and actively celebrate agencies that do this sort of thing in a bid to keep the money rolling in.

The one slight positive – apart from the work that is genuinely worthy of applause and a true celebration of what we do when we all want to do it right – is that the only reason this scam situation happens over and over again is because, outside of our bubble, few seem to give a shit about who we are and what we do.

In fact, it is only because The Guardian newspaper decided to do a story on the Grey Singapore app [I’m assuming because “refugees” are news worthy – so they’re being exploited again] that the murmurs of a few become the scream of a lot because without that story, I’m pretty sure it would be business as usual.

I hope someone hears it. It’s killing our industry and we need to do a u-turn very quick indeed.

GREY FOR GOOD … the supposed philanthropic arm of GREY is, in my opinion, nothing more than a front for this sort of thing.

If they were being honest they would name it GREY FOR OUR OWN GOOD, but as we have discovered from this years award entries [which, let’s not forget, is just one agency of many agencies pulling this scam] GREY and TRUTH are never comfortable bed fellows.

Only Read This Book At The Library. Do Not Buy It.
August 25, 2015, 6:20 am
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If you want to be disgusted at people who think having money means they can do whatever the fuck they want, read this:

While there’s some bits that are funny [mainly his diarrhoea episode on a private plane filled with clients] the rest of it just makes you feel a bit sick.

What makes it worse is the author is proud of it. Yes, proud.

I wish I could say it’s all a work of fiction [and it appears some of it is] but my 18 months living in Hong Kong exposed me to a lot of these assholes.

Fortunately our apartment was in Happy Valley so I didn’t have to see them in my everyday environment but if I had a meeting in some big hotel or found myself somewhere in Wanchi, there they would be … loud, arrogant and acting like they owned the place.

Sadly, Asia tolerates this.

Especially from white guys.

Or should I say, rich white guys.

What’s tragic is some people will read this book and think, “that life sounds awesome”.

I remember reading an interview with Michael Douglas where he said he was inundated with people saying how much they wanted to be like his character in the movie ‘Wall Street’ and he kept reminding them he was a bad guy.

But in this World of wannabe-entitlement, people seem to miss this point and just see the lifestyle of indulgent excess.

It still blows my mind that it’s only a few years ago that this industry destroyed the livelihoods of millions of people, cities and governments by selling them promises they had no intention of fulfilling and yet they are still walking around like nothing happened.

What makes the whole thing kind-of worse is that as much as we like to think of these people as the devil, they actually look like this:

Yep, that’s the author .. the guy who celebrates his life of depravity and lies.

Looks boringly normal doesn’t he?

Like most serial killers do.

Which makes sense when you think how both have such a disregard for others lives.