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When You Try To Hard Not To Show What You’re Afraid Of …

So recently I saw this from Tiffany …

It costs US$3500.

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate Tiffany are trying to shed the ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’ stereotype … and I’m all for brands exploring and experimenting … but this feels so wrong.

An attempt to be cool without understanding what is cool.

The equivalent of a Goldman Sachs CEO thinking they’re a DJ and because they’re rich, people just nod at them. Oh yes, we have that too don’t we. Ha.

The problem classic luxury brands have is its street culture driving the luxury category – especially in fashion – not the other way around and most definitely not in this sort of overt and contrived way.

Sure some classic luxury brands have managed to do this, but they’ve done it with more deliberate, committed and authentic acts and associations, not just some random drops in scale categories.

Will the Tiffany ball sell?

Of course and some will say that’s all that matters … but the real question is at what cost?

It all feels like Ducati a few years ago when they sold their name to everything. Including a USB drive.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a fast USB transfer rate as much as the next sad bastard, but the only thing a Ducati USB said about you was you were a next level twat.

I remember interviewing Ducati owners to ask them their opinion and the people I talked to, hated it. As one rider said to me [and I’m paraphrasing as it was a long time ago] … while the brand marketing people probably thought this was a way for fans to express their loyalty, Ducati owners thought it was a way to cheapen the value of their investment.

Or said another way, winning over a new generation who only associate with the superficial while alienating those who appreciate the craft.

Now I get the Tiffany situation is slightly different – because they were getting seriously weighed down with their age – but we’re seeing this sort of thing everywhere at the moment.

Attempts at quick wins.

Superficial not substance.

Misunderstanding the difference between being needed and looking like the one in need.

Where brands – and based on something that happened this week, also people – think having what they call ‘an asset’ means they can do whatever they want with whoever they want.

It’s a new level of brand arrogance.

The era of Trump brand [mis]management.

Which means if can only be a matter of time before we see the Tiffany x Wish collab.

Oh … and before I forget, today is Sir Dr Brian May [CBE] birthday.

For a guitarist in one of the biggest selling rock bands of all time, he’s done alright hasn’t he.

Happy birthday Mr May, you’re a legend to me and countless others.

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