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Driven To The Edge Of Hope …

Years ago, at Wieden, we pitched for Porsche.

Actually we pitched twice and lost both.

Then we pitched for them at R/GA and lost that.

Which means I am the Porsche problem.

Makes sense …

Anyway, the first time we pitched, Sam – one of the creatives, along with Ryan – wrote the best positioning line I’ve ever read.

I can’t say was it was because I don’t want someone to steal his work, but it was one of those moments where you go, “Fuck me, that’s amazing”.

It was so good it conflicted Porsche.

They didn’t like our work at all but wanted to give us the business because of the power of the line. Then ‘international politics’ got in the way and we got told to take a hike.

Or a drive.

Though I acknowledge that I probably didn’t help matters by asking them why they sponsored golf when that was the antithesis of what Porsche were about. Hahahaha.

Anyway, as part of the campaign, Sam wrote a line in the TV script that I also thought was wonderful.

One I am OK with sharing because it isn’t sooooo specific to Porsche. It was …

“Ribbons of road draped over highlands”

God I love it.

I love it so much.

It’s so bloody evocative and – for me – captures the perfect balance between the quiet determination of nature surrounding a thin line of tarmac that has been gently placed over it and the loud performance of a car that’s hurtling along it at breakneck speed.

Torturing and teasing each other.

Both trying to dominate.

A game of cat and mouse.

The fine line between respect and ridicule.

I say all this because I recently came across a picture of a road that I feel this was written for,

Where we were writing for China, this road is in America – California to be more precise – but it is perfect all the same.

Which is why if someone at Porsche reads this and wants to get their brand back to the stature it once had – rather than this ‘fast luxury’ superficialness that it currently seems happy to communicate … let me know, because have Sam, Ryan and I got a brand idea for you.

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good line. makes sense it wasnt you that came up with it. though the poke in the eye with the gold comment is classic feisty campbell. almost made me miss working with you. almost.

Comment by andy@cynic

Classic Campbell.

Comment by DH

What did they say when you said that to them? I have a feeling they liked it rather than were insulted. That is your super power.

Comment by George

Hahahaha … they laughed and said, “excellent point”,

I’d believe they meant it if they’d given us the business. Ha.

That said, it’s still a valid point. Why the hell is a performance car brand sponsoring golf? Oh I get all the ‘status’ associations, but that means they value golf more than their own brand. They could have tailored it to make it more Porsche … but no, literally just sponsored a tournament and did ads of a woman in a ballgown, in a garage with a grand piano next to a Porsche.

That is not a joke.

Comment by Rob

I should point out this is all 6 years ago. Hahahaha.

Comment by Rob

And they say you hold a grudge.

Comment by George

and they say campbell is a petty fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

And they say Rob confronts and challenges.

Comment by Bazza

Where’s this profile going to appear?

Comment by John

That road makes me want to learn to drive.

Comment by DH

Oh come on Dave, surely it’s time to learn?

Hope the weekend was as OK as it could expect to be.

Comment by Rob

I miss great writing in ads.

Comment by George

Funny enough, we’ve just done some work for an international client that has the best writing I’ve read in literally years. It’s bloody magnificent … so good, I just kept reading it over and over again for the sheer joy of reading it over and over again, hahaha.

Comment by Rob

That is good to hear. Can you send it to me or will I be able to see it here?

Comment by George

Golf sponsorship is the least of the problems of a company that makes 4 door sports cars.

Comment by John

John is talking about you, Andy.

Comment by Bazza

nice try asshole, but im a tesla dick these days.

Comment by andy@cynic

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