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How A Toilet Can Upset Alpha Males …

So recently I went to a semi-posh restaurant in Auckland with some clients.

I know this is too much info, but I needed the loo and off I went.

As I walked in, I saw this …

How brilliant is that?!

I bloody loved it and actually burst out laughing.

Fortunately I was able to take a photo without someone walking in and then rushing out to call the Police … but I can imagine Alpha Males seeing this and claiming it is a blatant attack on their human rights. Which – if you ask me – makes it even more perfect.

Of course, whether a restaurant should be happy one of their customers is raving over the interior design of their male loos rather than their food is another thing altogether … but hey, at least I’m raving about something of theirs.

Many companies talk about how brand experience, well … when you make sure your loo leaves a lasting impression on customers for all the right reasons, then you can say you really understand what experience really means.

Not many can.

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You’re definitely raving

Comment by John

Raving as in a lunatic.

Comment by Bazza

remember needle dick? hed need a shrink after a piss.

Comment by andy@cynic

Dan Pincock. Ex-soldier. Which just made his arrogance even more hilarious.

Comment by Rob

I’d pay to watch him implode.

Comment by Bazza

Didn’t you once take a photo of a man in the toilet?

Comment by Bazza

On brand.

Comment by DH

Yes. But as you well know, it was to capture the most confident man taking a wee in the history of men taking a wee. More confident than even this guy.

Comment by Rob

Tell that to the cops.

Comment by Bazza

I’m sure SC will be desperate to make that ad after that lmasterful sell Rob.

Comment by Bazza

If this was the other way around it would be rightfully criticised for lots of reasons. I find it amusing but I still think it shouldn’t be there.

Comment by DH

Thank you David.

Comment by Mary Bryant

mr fucking mature.

Comment by andy@cynic

Well said David.

Comment by Lee Hill

If Viz had branched out into restaurants

Comment by John

I like how the photographs show the magnifying glasses in different sizes to add further judgement and intimidation.

Comment by George

Something tells me this is not the universal opinion in your household.

Comment by John

Lots of interesting stuff going on about this post on LinkedIn.

I’ve written about racism. Ageism. Prejudice. Corporate Gaslighting. But the post on LinkedIn that has seemingly got men in a tizz is me writing about a mens toilet in a restaurant that has a graphic of women with magnifying glasses looking at them. Freud would have a field day.

What’s interesting they don’t talk about how this would be unacceptable in a female bathroom so should be the same in a men’s bathroom, but that I – as a man – have “issues” because I wrote about how I imagine it would make Alpha males have a meltdown.

And now someone who wrote, “Man walks into a bathroom, sees demasculating picture on the wall, gets an erection, rushes back to his table to write about it” is trying to claim he’s passionately against ‘shaming people’. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

The reality is I get this once a blue moon and – to a certain degree – invited it [not that’s any excuse for it happening] … but women deal with this every single day for no reason other than living their life. Which ultimately says nothing shows male privilege like getting upset when women call out the shit they get from men in all walks of life every single day for no other reason than being a woman. As Jill says, “if men were treated like women are treated … men would start wars”.

The irony is that the Alpha Male brigade probably think that women don’t do that shows weakness when it just highlights they’re not just stronger than us, we’re not worth bothering with. More proof they know more than us.

Comment by Rob

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