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Leaves A Terrible Taste In Your Mouth …

Today we’re [finally] moving into our house and so to celebrate, I thought I’d end the week with a smile.

Unless you are a Colgate brand manager.

Or packaging designer.

You see I recently realised that their packaging looks awfully similar to Canesten – the thrush treatment.


Mind you, if you brushed your teeth with Canestan, I’m pretty sure it would still leave less of a horrible taste in your mouth than the Colgate ad I’ll be writing about next week.

Yes, that really is my attempt to try and make you come back.

Have a great weekend.

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I hope it worked for you.

Comment by John

Did you look in Billy’s cabinet.?

Comment by Bazza

The STD cabinet. Literally and metaphorically.

Comment by Rob

Do you have something to tell us Robert?

Comment by George

There goes the neighborhood. Good luck with the move Rob. Hope your new neighbors don’t discover this blog.

Comment by DH

You’ll love this. Just met one of the neighbours and the first thing they said to me was that the person we outbid ‘left in absolute tears’.

Thanks mate. Thanks a lot.

Comment by Rob

Oh dear.

Comment by Lee Hill

Proof that when you follow category rules [by category, I mean ‘medicinal’] you end up in the same place.

Comment by Rob

You have terrible taste and leave a shit taste in everyones mouth.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Why are all your posts comments off?

Comment by Bazza

My money’s on a combination of his innate tech wizardry and a fear of toxic negativity in the comments.

Comment by John

I think it’s because these posts were written before WordPress had a bit of a nightmare and required me to change the URL.

Or it could be I’m a twat.

Comment by Rob

Either way, I love the last two posts

Comment by northern

did they help you get to fucking sleep?

Comment by andy@cynic

Harsh, very harsh Andy

Comment by northern

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