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We Will All Be Judged …

A couple of days ago I wrote about how the reset button on society has been pressed.

How companies and people are actually working together to make sure humanity is being moved forward rather than being left to fend for itself.

Sadly, not everyone is acting in this way.

In fact, some are openly displaying they prefer profits over people.

That blows my mind both in terms of arrogance and stupidity.

Arrogance … because they literally think they’re better or more important than everyone around them.

Stupidity … because this thing will be over one day and people don’t forget.

While this is old news, there is a site that has been started who has the aim of making sure of that …

It’s a site that details if companies or celebs helped during this crisis.

We are at a point where society will support those who support them and not let shit behaviour be passed off as “it’s just business” anymore.

It may have cost the ultimate price, but we may end up coming out of this in a better place than we started.

I hope so.

Tomorrow is a bank holiday in the UK, so hope you have a happy and safe long weekend.


I think public sentiment has changed. I’m not sure if people care if companies helped deal with the crisis. They did at the beginning when everything was unknown, but now I think the focus is about themselves.

Comment by Bazza

I agree with Baz but our view is US. What’s happening over there Rob?

Comment by Pete

I think you’re right.

When I wrote this post, you really felt – at least here – a sense of ‘we’re in this together’. A sense of unity that hasn’t been around for years. But as the situation has got more normal (for want of a better word) people’s sense of community has tangibly got weaker. I can feel people focusing more on themselves and their situation. Pushing the rules and boundaries a bit more.

It’s still better than it was before all this. A greater sense of respect of the people around you, but it’s definitely heading back to me, from we. I hope we don’t go all the way back to where we were. I suppose that will depend on what happens next in terms of lock down, furlough support and job losses.

Comment by Rob

Funny how the countries with the worst death rate have the leaders with the largest egos.

Comment by Pete


But we fortunately now have an opposition leader who is brilliant at revealing that while coming across calm and informed. The fact he is a QC [the highest level of lawyer you can get] means he not only is an expert in asking questions, but also making his case.

Better still, he has united the party and so there is a collective strength that can’t be ignored.

It’s taken an age, but it’s wonderful to witness.

Have a look at this:

Comment by Rob

He is very impressive. I wish the democrats could come together behind one of their equally impressive potential leaders. The problem is too many members care more about their candidate than their party.

Comment by George

he wont convince tory scum to vote for him because of his views, but because hes a qc and the elitist wankers will think that makes him one of their own.

Comment by andy@cynic

I said it in an earlier post that once the government support stops, companies will move from furlough to redundancies. Similar to all the bank holidays you have over there. Your excuse for not working when you claim work very hard.

Comment by Bazza

The furlough terms are far more favourable in the UK than US. Over here companies have tried to hold out for longer but gone straight to deep cuts. In adland, BBH cut 20%, Giant Spoon 20%, you guys 10% and M&C closed.

Comment by Pete

I fear this is just the beginning.

Comment by George

I think companies will repeat “unprecedented times” to justify any action they take for the next few years. Initially anyone affected may be more accepting because they know it is true but if companies continue with this line of justification, then maybe we will see the shift towards more people power. I hope so because I sense some companies will be attempting to use covid as a blanket excuse for all they do for years to come.

Comment by Pete

Yep. I wrote on twitter yesterday that we’ve had weeks of being told it’s unprecedented times so maybe we should just call it ‘the times’.

Comment by Rob


Comment by andy@cynic

I think you are definitely helping by not posting tomorrow.

Comment by john

youve been doing your shit for decades campbell and people still bathe you in fucking riches so why do you think companies are going to change just because some shitty website said they were assholes? weve been saying the same thing on here for years and absolutely fuck all has changed, just shit as normal.

Comment by andy@cynic

This is the best argument about what will happen post covid.

Comment by DH

Enjoy your day off doing the same as your day on.

Comment by Bazza

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