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If There Was A Eurovision Door Contest …

… then surely this door would win it for England hands down.

Yes, I am writing about a front door.

Is this a new low on this blog?

It just might be.

So this door is a few doors up from our house.

To be honest, in all the time I’ve lived there, I never noticed it … and then one morning, it’s pinkness shone bring like a lighthouse against the cold, miserable, darkness of Fulham.

I don’t know why, but it feels quintessentially British to me.

Maybe it’s because of the tiles that lead up to the door.

Maybe it’s because of the gaslight lamp attached to the door.

Maybe it’s because of that single milk bottle nestled by the door.

Or maybe it’s because I swear I’ve seen doors like that in movies like Four Weddings And A Funeral and Paddington.

Who the hell knows, but it came together enough to make me want a pink door at my house.


And I swear if you asked me what colour door I’d want before seeing this one … I doubt I’d have ever suggested pink in a million years.

And yet seeing it in the flesh makes me feel differently.

Not because it stands out from the typical blues and blacks … nor because it feels showy or attention seeking … but because as much as I see the colour, it’s what the colour makes me feel that is enticing.

You see for me, I feel everything behind that door will be lovely.

Charming. Comfortable. Warm. Inviting … all the things you would want your house to feel.

Which all goes to show, features on their own are nothing if they don’t stir your emotions.

Clients could do with remembering that like I could do with remembering never to write a post about a front door again.

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Yes Rob, you’ve reached a new low.

Comment by Bazza


Comment by Rob

Connecting a door to planning is one thing. Connecting Paddington to Four Weddings is the work of devil.

Comment by Bazza

Pretty sure he means the backdrop of the cities featured in both movies rather than the plot. Then after this post, anything is possible.

Comment by Pete

Of course that’s what I meant.

Besides, I won’t accept the Paddington in the Hollywood movies as the real Paddington … more a LA, botoxed imposter.

Comment by Rob

They’re not Hollywood movies.

Comment by John

Not one of your best posts but I agree that the door encourages welcoming vibes to be triggered. But I would suggest you explained the reason for this in your opening paragraphs when you wrote that you took the photo against the backdrop of a cold, miserable, darkness of Fulham. In those conditions, most colours of doors would appear welcoming though the pink does set it off well.

Comment by George

When George spits on your post quality you know you have reached new depths. Congratulations on proving everyone wrong on how low you could go Rob.

Comment by Bazza

I’m quite proud that I can still reach new depths with my planner wankery. It means I’m still in the game, or something.

Comment by Rob

I understand why that door affected you Rob. It was very late or very early when you took that photo and you were half asleep. What I’m less certain about it is why you continued to think this was a good idea to post when you had some sleep. ; )

Comment by Pete

Remember UK winter means darkness starts at 4pm and ends at 8am. There goes his excuse of tiredness.

Comment by George

Cheeky bastards.

Comment by Rob

A post about a door. A very nice door, but still a door. I wonder what you would say if someone else had written this post?

Comment by Lee Hill

I’d say they’re a maniac.

OK, I wrote about a door. I’ve written about a lot of things that, with hindsight, would have been best if I’d left them alone. Like my best friend Paul’s biggest ‘asset’. Can we move on now please? I’m sure I’ll be writing something equally as ridiculous in a few days or so. Hahahaha.

Comment by Rob

Is that possible?

Comment by John

What can brands learn from doors? Fucking hell, Campbell.

Comment by Marcus

He didn’t even talk about brands opening doors so real people could come in and they could learn from them. He’s slipping.

Comment by DH

Your future as a planner is now secure.

Comment by Rob

you are a fucking sad bastard campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by DH


Comment by Marcus

Now I just want to find out what’s behind that bright pink door with the # 1 on it Rob. Can you pls knock on it and elaborate on what’s behind in your next post? The future of all brands depends on it.

Comment by Mark

hell do it from his fucking prison cell.

Comment by andy@cynic

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