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Let’s Remember Creativity Can Be Much Bigger Than Making Ads …

Back in December, R/GA launched a piece of work that I genuinely love.

I love it for so many reasons.

It’s solving a problem.

It’s doing it in lateral, not literal ways.

It was expressed with craft, care and a point of view.

It went beyond the usual forms of communication, showing how creativity can push minds and possibilities.

I cannot tell you how happy this makes me.

Almost makes me feel positive and optimistic.

Now that is real creative effectiveness.


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To those of you who have [stupidly] been on here for year, I say this …

Finally I’m part of a place that made a car.

Sure I helped make a moped for Vietnam but as you taunted me for years, I couldn’t get Nike to make a car when I was at Wieden.

(For newer readers, I never wanted to but some people wanted me to)

So take that. Losers. Kinda.

Oh it’s way too early for me to be writing

Comment by Rob

Late night or early morning?

Comment by George

I can’t tell the difference between the standard of his comments at any other time of the day.

Comment by Bazza

Early. Though as Baz so kindly points out, my comments are consistently rubbish regardless of the time of day they’re written.

Comment by Rob

theyre not even that fucking good campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by rafik

That is wonderful. I imagine it also widens the audience appeal for matchbox.

Comment by George

I remember reading an article (or it may have been a post here) that Hot Wheels needed to connect with Moms with boys as they didn’t see the appeal of buying toy cars as they had been universally marketed to men.

Comment by Pete

I did write about it but this is an article on it.

They faced a massive backlash after it as people felt they were blaming Mums [not MOMS] for their sales decline when it was more about how to protect the business and accepting what they had failed to do for decades.

Comment by Rob

But you did ‘thank you mom’ for P&G.

Comment by Pete

hes a fucking hypocrite. have you not fucking worked that out yet?

Comment by andy@cynic

Do Mercedes matchbox cars cost more than Ford matchbox cars?

If they don’t, you are missing out on really reinforcing their brand value.

Apart from that I like it.

Comment by Bazza

That would be the comment of the most evil CMO ever. I like it. ; )

Comment by Pete

finally you make a half decent fucking comment..

Comment by andy@cynic

Love this Rob. Especially how it was backed up with lesson plans to shape minds at their earliest years. I hope that one day, this sort of approach becomes the norm rather than the exception. Good work.

Comment by Pete

How delightful. Well done Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

I adore this Robert and have just ordered one from ebay.

Comment by Mary Bryant

You do realize who the seller is?

Comment by John

bet it fucking is. hes done shadier shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

nice. would be better if merc funded young girls to get into racing rather than only be able to drive a toy fucking car.

Comment by andy@cynic

That’s a good idea.

Comment by DH

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