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Can I Kill These People Please?

Yes I’m back.

Sorry, but I am.

I know you had got used to peace and quiet but bad luck.

Not only am I back, but I’m pissed off.

So recently I came across this company …

Enjoy unsold food …

Eat at a time that is inconvenient for you.

Pay for something that could have been sitting there all bloody day.

Seriously, what the hell?

OK, I can just about accept that there is an audience who might find this idea appealing, even though I would still prefer it if the food went to the homeless rather than the cheap … but to claim ‘they’re ending food wastage’?

Come on …

I get purpose is a big thing for brands these days.

I get there is an audience who want to deal with brands that give a shit.

But just like the umbrella company I wrote about a few weeks ago with their bullshit purpose mission statement, it tends to only work if the companies purpose means they sacrifice something for the greater good rather than simply to use it as a way to earn profit.

But I’m still flabbergasted at this idea.

Imagine if a dating app used the same premise.


Fed up of being single?

Join ‘Too Good To Waste’, a dating app that connects you to people left on the shelf.

That’s right, through our app, you can spend your time with someone no one else wanted.

Together we can end loneliness forever.

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You coming back to this blog angry is the best version of you I could hope for. I don’t blame you either, I was too when I read their rubbish. Maybe they’ll donate any money they earn to the homeless too. Together they can end homelessness, food waste and poverty all at the same time. Then I might be less skeptical about them.

Comment by Bazza

Imagine their valuation if they did that?

Oh that’s right, it would be zero.

Venture capital likes profits not genuine purpose.

Comment by Rob

except all you fuckers are scoffing from the corporate gravy train. pricks.

Comment by andy@cynic

Welcome back Rob. Hope your holiday, I mean work adventure, went well.

This post sums up the worst of purpose marketing. Claiming to want to help humanity when they’re real purpose is to help themselves.

Comment by George

They’re not claiming to help humanity. They are simply saying “end food waste”. It’s not about redistribution, just profit. Hence Robert’s anger.

Comment by Lee Hill


Comment by Rob


Comment by George

look who is throwing his fucking toys out the pram.

Comment by andy@cynic

I was waiting for you to comment on this.

Comment by George

Ending ______ is the basic construct for all purpose marketing.

My mistake, it is the basic construct for all marketing that claims to be purpose based.

Comment by Pete


Comment by Rob

Welcome back Robert. I trust it was a fruitful trip.

I share you anger towards this product. They are looking to profit from food that restaurants often give to those less fortunate. I accept there may be a market for the service and restaurant owners may receive some money on their food that would otherwise be given or thrown away. But their attempt at emotional blackmail is very unsavoury to me.

Comment by Lee Hill

I hate them. I hate the way they’ve tried to make themselves sound like saints. If they’d been upfront about what they were doing and who they were doing it for, I’d be less angry – but this illusion of care is insulting.

Comment by Rob

bet midget sorrell fucking loves them. got his traits all over them.

Comment by andy@cynic

Honestly Rob, we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel here. If Nike believes everyone is an athlete (utter bollocks) then an App that connects people with food that otherwise be wasted is most certainly helping to fight food waste.

I wonder where your negativity comes from. Has the world of advertising finally broken your resolve? BRB, just building app to solve talent wastage in agencies.

Comment by Hungry

Hello Hungry …

Got to be honest,I am not sure what you’re saying … on one hand it seems you are slagging me off for questioning this app and then on the other you seem to be agreeing with my view it’s a load of rubbish. Or I should say, it’s messaging is.

As for NIKE … well I am not sure if you have worked with them because if you did, you would know that the heart of the company truly believes in that … truly believes in the athlete. Does everyone and everything in the company reflect this? Probably not. Have they made some mistakes? Yep. But at the heart of the company – and the actions they take – at least they show it’s not all, as you say, utter bollocks.

Comment by Rob

If you think Rob is scraping the barrel with this post, you’ve not read enough of this blog.

You’re lucky.

Comment by Bazza

I think he is being ironic.

Comment by Pete

Their office is in your hipster neighbourhood. I expect to see you protesting outside it.

Comment by John

fuck me campbell, these fuckers are almost as annoying as you. thats impressive because youre a fucking pain in the ass.

Comment by andy@cynic

If they want to really end food wastage, they should try and stop US portions being so big.

Comment by DH

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