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A Glimpse Into Past Normality …

Following on from yesterday’s post about Concorde I thought I’d post a sign I saw hanging in the ‘food preparation area’ of an old British Airways plane …

The fact smoking was once allowed on planes is amazing.

The fact they had to remind staff not to smoke while preparing food is mind-blowing.

But they did … because back then, having staff not smoke while preparing food was classed as ‘hygienic’, regardless of the fact being stuck on a plane with cigarette smoke working its way through the cabin at 30,000 feet was not.

Thank god those days have changed …

And that’s the thing with history, you often look at it and wonder, ‘what the hell were people thinking?’ but then you look around at the state of the World today and you realise we’re still making stupid decisions.

Whether it’s brexit or the rise of nationalism, millions of people are making decisions as stupid as allowing smoking on a plane.

Or smoking in general.

Of course, this is ultimately fueled by individuals who claim to be acting in societies best interests but are really getting the masses to act in ways that suit their own personal agenda … be it for money, fame or ego.

There’s an old proverb that says ‘those who forget history are destined to make the same mistake again’. Personally I think that needs updating to “those who only remember the bits of history that suit them are destined to lead us all into the shit”.

People will claim this is democracy, but it’s not really.

Apart from the fact anyone can win anything if you lie through your teeth, true democracy requires EVERYONE’S opinion to be heard. Maybe it’s time we follow Australia’s lead and say it is a requirement that everyone votes on issues of national importance. Maybe if that happened and people still voted for Brexit [albeit with issues that were true rather than fear mongering] the country would be less broken apart.

It won’t happen. Too many people with power and money will make sure that’s the case … and that is why anyone who still thinks we live in a democracy better not complain when decisions go against them.

Sorry, I got ranty there, I’m just so angry someone like Boris Johnson has got what he wanted regardless of the cost to everyone else. He and his cronies should be charged as enemies of the country … which may happen once everyone see’s the damage a No Deal Brexit has on their everyday life.

Oh, before I go and have a lie down … a little message to Dave.

Mate, I know today is a hard day for you. As usual, we are all thinking of you and will give you a call later.

Big hugs.

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A wonderful, old fashioned, Rob Campbell rant. I still am in awe how you can connect random subjects such as an airplane smoking sign and politics but you do it every time. Thinking of you David too.

Comment by George

Robert once seamlessly connected pasta and murderers so this was basic by his twisted standards.

Comment by Pete

Did I?

What was that one … even I can’t remember it.

Comment by Rob

Italian food and murderers. Hmmm. Let’s think.

Comment by John

Also thinking of you Baz and arcade. Let the battle commence.

Comment by George

It can’t be a battle when the other side is so weak. ; )

Comment by Bazza

Congratulations on launching your new range of slightly improved camera phones.

Comment by Pete

Oh dear, this is going to end in tears.

Or free stuff for me … in that case, carry on.

Comment by Rob

oh the poor tech fucking billionaires are having a scrap. how fucking pathetic.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yes. There’s.

Comment by Bazza

I remember flying in Russia and being petrified when passengers lit up. Amazing it was ever allowed. I wonder if vaping companies are going to lobby for it to be allowed on planes even though most of them are cigarette companies in disguise and the research on the effects of using it are still in their infancy.

Big hug for tomorrow Dave.

Comment by Bazza

I believe Russian airlines were the last to change their smoking rules.

Comment by Lee Hill

on brand.

Comment by andy@cynic

Politics has long moved from representing the will of the people. Modern politics is about corporations, ego and wealth. The entire premise of democracy is tainted even down to the financial barriers placed in front of all candidates who wish to run. Occasionally we will see even these can’t stop a passionate and powerful politician but it is definitely the exception.

I will call you tomorrow Dave.

Comment by Pete

Absolutely Pete … the last thing politicians represent are people, they just let people think they are.

Comment by Rob

People who don’t vote are stupid. making stupid people vote may not be the smartest thing. See Australia.

Comment by John

thats a fucking call doddsy when its a decision between voting for one wanker or another.

Comment by andy@cynic

Please become a political commentator Andy.

Comment by DH

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