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Social Media Reveals How Stupid You Are By Showing How Stupid You Think People Are …

Now I appreciate I am a social media whore and have posted all sorts of rubbish in the past, but even I would never do something like this …

I honestly don’t know who is the bigger idiot …

Nescafe for thinking this is a good idea.

The agency for coming up with this idea.

The couple – who occupy that unique space of un-influential, influencers – who decided to commemorate their engagement by selling their souls for a few quid and appearing in a social media post for an international coffee brand while pretending [1] it’s totally natural to commemorate your engagement by appearing in a social media post for an international coffee brand and [2] it’s totally believable to have a staged photo of you in bed, despite the fact there was a photographer in the room with you..

Some other questions are:

+ Why are they not looking at each other?

+ Why is he so, so, so brown?

+ Judging by how tensed up his arms are, just how heavy is that cup of coffee?

+ Why is he cradling his cock?

Seriously, this might be the most z-grade version of Hello magazine that ever lived.

Everyone involved in this – and I mean everyone – needs a bloody big smack in the head.

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hes not cradling his cock, hes trying to find it.

Comment by andy@cynic

Are Nescafe going to claim a product extension of caffeine viagra?

Comment by DH

If he was a real man his woman’s hair wouldn’t be that straight in the morning.

Comment by Billy Whizz

and if theyre reflecting on their engagement, why arent they crying in despair at what theyve done. wankers.

Comment by andy@cynic

and judging by the decor, why have they spent the night in a fucking travel lodge?

Comment by andy@cynic

That photo of a painting behind them gave it away didn’t it.

Comment by DH

He looks like he spilt the jar of Nescafe all over himself.

Comment by DH

This blog is so much better when you’re spiteful.

Comment by DH

Realtively speaking.

Comment by John

Thanfully he’s moving to England where his sarcasm and spite will once again blossom.

Comment by George

Another crime commited by agencies who are now positioning themselves as “content creators”.

Comment by Bazza

Even I’m looking forward to being back to my worst, hahaha.

Comment by Rob

You’re right Baz. Content creation and those who make their money from it are literally trading in bullshit. They could be creating content that adds value to the conversation but instead their goal has been to create meaningless noise.

Comment by Pete

People are stupid.

Comment by John

And he’s called Pap?

Comment by Chikashi

smear. because hes a c___

Comment by andy@cynic

He’s referring to his commercial engagement with Nescafe.

Comment by John

soon to be bitter divorce. as bitter as their fucking coffee.

Comment by andy@cynic

By comparison, the George Clooney’s nespresso ads look like Oscar winners.

Comment by George

Yes, they’re marvelous by comparison.

Comment by Rob

My goodness that is bad.

Comment by Lee Hill

Your analysis I believe did more to discourage consumption of Nescafé, than the post did to encourage it – AND RIGHTFULLY SO!!!

Comment by Ben DiSanti

If only they had a nicely branded Nescafe coffee mug rather than those plain white ones – would be so much better!

Comment by Neil

It’s not really ‘content’, more ‘subvertising’. Damaging the brand by simply appearing …

Comment by Ian Gee

It’s really bad. There isn’t even a logo in it

Comment by Northern

Influencer “marketing” = bad product placement shots.

Comment by John

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