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Innovation Is About Opportunity, Not Just Necessity …

So I’ve seen something that – to me – is one of the best bits of innovation I’ve seen in ages.

Admittedly, it’s something that has kind of been done before.

And has a limited audience.

And probably a short shelf life.

But I love it because it shows innovation is not just about what you do, but what you see is possible to do.

What am I talking about?

This …

Or, more specifically, this …

What you’re looking at are the handlebars to a Micro scooter, the sort of scooter favored by my 3 year old son Otis and wannabe-hipsters who really should know better.

Now normally these handlebars have some ‘grips’ on them like this …

… but recently I saw they offered an alternative range and it’s this that I’m blown away by.

You see someone saw that the Micro Scooter handlebars are made of a hollow metal tube.

So far, so boring.

But what someone realised was that with a hollow tubular handlebar, they could make a grip that looked like this …

For those who can’t quite tell, it’s a grip that turns the handlebars into a horn, like this:

I know it seems a small thing and I know you might not be as impressed by it as me, but I think it’s bloody genius … both for the fun it adds to the scooter and – more impressively – for someone seeing possibility in something most people would ignore.

And that’s my problem with a lot of what adland regards as ‘innovation’, because in many cases the starting point is to do something totally new rather than to see the possibilities in our everyday World.

Which explains why our industry often comes up with bullshit like Peggy while other people/companies/brands come up with brilliantly simple but effective handlebar grip horns.

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I thought micro honker was your porn name.

Comment by John

certainly not his nose, thats fucking massive.

Comment by andy@cynic

I though that was Jill’s pet name for him.

Comment by DH

this has got to be done sorry of fucking joke.
what am i thinking. you are some kind of fucking joke.

Comment by andy@cynic

fuck me campbell, youve officially fucking lost it.

Comment by andy@cynic

Thank you. Means a lot.

Comment by Rob

You will never give me the horn.

Comment by DH

fucking liar.

Comment by andy@cynic

I think you’re protesting too much.

Comment by Rob

Fuck off.

Comment by DH

Now all they need is a wifi cup holder.

Comment by John

Don’t you start …

Comment by Rob

I think that is impressive and I’m not being sarcastic.

Comment by George

Freaks stick together.

Comment by Billy Whizz

It might not be penicillin but it’s pretty cool.

Comment by Pete

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