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Wieden Keep Spoiling Me …

So a while back I wrote how Wieden Amsterdam sent me a bloody pottery Birkenstock clog for no other reason than being nice people.

Well, that and the fact they probably couldn’t think of another soul – past or present – who would want it, let alone love it.

So a week or so ago, I got another package from Wieden, but this time the Tokyo office.

And what was inside it?

Well it wasn’t a bomb, it was this …

Yes, it’s a bloody bright pink, Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo frisbee.

And why did they do it?

Well, because they’re bloody lovely people and – I presume – because I live by the beach.

If I knew I’d be getting all this stuff when I had left them, I’d of done it ages ago.

But in all seriousness, this – and the other stuff I’ve had from them [and lets not forget NIKE too] – shows why those hippy buggers that were born in Portland are so special.

Sure, they’re the best in the World at what they do.

Sure, they are smart as hell and creative as shit.

But they’re more than that.

They’re amazingly kind people who happen to also be obscenely talented.

In fact I’d say it’s in exactly that order.

Throughout their offices, it’s filled with genuinely great people … people I feel honoured to know, let alone thrilled to have once worked with.

[And a couple of assholes, but I won’t let them ruin it for me, especially as they’re going to get found out eventually, ha]

I can tell you this, as much as I left there making some of the best work of my life, I’m even happier I left there with some of the best mates I could have.

Thank you to my friends in Tokyo … especially Mr Rowe … you’re all ace and I miss you.

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why the fuck do they like you?
hiring you was bad enough. keep sending you shit is fucking stupid. and like fuck you wont be back there. told you campbell, within 2 fucking years and then you owe me a fucking fortune.

Comment by andy@cynic

I think it’s for another reason. What if WK keep sending Rob gifts because they know he’ll write about them which will piss off his current employers because all they’ve given him are the keys to paradise and happiness. At some point WK think Deutsch get fed up of his niceness and fire him and then WK get their revenge for 7 years of putting up with him and his ways. That would be an award winning strategy and execution worthy of WK.

Comment by DH

that would be fucking amazing.

Comment by andy@cynic

I don’t know if it would be amazing, but it certainly would make sense. Unfortunately.

Comment by Rob

i really, really hope that japanese symbol on the frisbee means “fuckwit”. that would make me respect wk all over again.

Comment by andy@cynic

Ironically, they feel that you kept spoiled Wieden.

Comment by John


Comment by John

Yes. He gets more gifts as an ex employee than I’ve ever had as an employee out together.

Comment by DH

when will you all believe me when hes the fucking devil.

Comment by andy@cynic

You meet more interesting people in hell.

Comment by Rob

Does Wieden HR pay you for all this praise?

Comment by Pete

They probably would pay me more to not say nice things about them. They probably feel it’s like being endorsed by Bernie Madoff or something.

Comment by Rob

My lasting impression of W+K Tokyo is from Blake Harrop, who used to be their MD, and is now MD of W+K Amsterdam. He walked into the room for my interview, and, with the confidence only people who are constantly pandered to can have, loudly said, “Hello, Courtney.” My name is not a Courtney. Not even close. I gave him a terse smile and stared at him until he realized he had gotten something very wrong. He fumbled a bit, then had to search his memory for the right name. I lost any respect for him right then and there, and by association the company he represents.

Comment by Carolyn, not Courtney

so someone forgets your name and you lose respect for the company they represent? fuck me, thats trump levels of harsh shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

Hi Carolyn – not Courtney – I know what that’s like and it’s embarrassing. The British way of dealing with it is often to just let them keep calling you by the wrong name to avoid awkwardness – which is even more mental.

But while I understand why you would be upset by being called the wrong name, I can assure you Blake is one of the nicest guys in the World so I am pretty confident he would have been mortified by it rather than arrogant. And while that won’t change your opinion of him or Wieden, I have to admit I find your reaction to it to be slightly disproportionate to what happened but maybe I’m missing something.

Comment by Rob

You only said this because you can’t remember your own name.

Comment by DH

That is also true.

Comment by Rob

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