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The Daily Mail Gets Into The Spirit Of Halloween …

I always thought the ghosts and ghouls of Halloween came out on the night of the 31st October, but the Daily Fail … I mean, Daily Mail … have shown me I am wrong in that assumption with quite possibly the most pointless ‘news story’ that they have ever printed.

Yes, I know you might find this hard to believe given they’ve printed such gems as how to get the Kim Kardashian look or the cat that looks like Tom Selleck or the lion that looks like a cartoon lion or, not forgetting, z-grade reality star almost steps into a puddle … but this is worse. No really.

Are you ready?

Are you peeping out from your bedsheets?

OK … so here we go.

Jesus Christ …

I know England is footie-mad but even the most devout Man United fan is not going to give a shit about this … especially given black t-shirts and jeans are about as common as getting mugged by an acne-ridden, drug-taking, 17 year old scamp in Manchester city-centre every Saturday night.

Seriously what next?

Is it even feasibly possible to go any lower?

Paul McCartney runs out of toilet paper?

Ice-Cube adds ice cubes to his drink?

When you think of some of the great journalists out there and all the trials and tribulations they have gone through to bring their important stories to the World, the Daily Mail pisses over all their efforts and legacies … and given the Mail website is one of the most visited places on the internet, that means the fashion of some footballers is going to be the topic of more people’s conversations than the state of the World.

And if you want something scary to think about this Halloween, you can’t get scarier than that.

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I wish your halloween outfit looked like this rather than the red blow up dress you were posting all over social media on friday.

Comment by DH

to be fair, he looked better than his usual shitty outfits.

Comment by andy@cynic

I would love to assume this is you just being spiteful but a client and a neighbour both said exactly the same thing to me. Bugger.

Comment by Rob

you wont fucking learn from it though will you.

Comment by andy@cynic

That article is from the 25th August. Trust me Rob, it wasn’t worth you saving it.

Comment by DH

2016 means thats fucking contemporary for campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yep … this is positively modern by my standards.

Comment by Rob

forest players must be wearing balls and fucking chains because theyre in fucking relegation form.

Comment by andy@cynic

Don’t talk to me about them. I had such high hopes this season – mainly because they were adopting a totally different approach to the one that has failed them so spectacularly for the last 20 years – but alas, our stupid owner seems to be ensuring that whatever the circumstances, we fail at every turn.

Comment by Rob

I think that is classified as a no news day.

Comment by George

every fucking day is a no news day in the fucking daily mail.

Comment by andy@cynic

Black t and jeans is almost your uniform Rob. Shows how much an ironic slogan/picture and birkenstocks undermine the look. Change that and you too could (maybe) be in the fashion pages of the daily mail.

Comment by Pete

God Pete, even you’re getting in on the mud-slinging … the end of the World is now close.

Comment by Rob

It will come to pass if The Donald gets elected

Comment by northern

You read the Mail online. That’s the core message I’m taking out of this post

Comment by northern

where the fuck have you been?

Comment by andy@cynic

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