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Is This The Worst “News” Story Of All Time?
May 12, 2014, 6:10 am
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No, that’s not a joke, that’s another example of ‘journalistic excellence’ courtesy of self proclaimed protector of society, the Daily Mail.

Seriously, who writes this shit?

Have they fired all their journalists and replaced them with 5 year olds who aspire to work for Nuts magazine?

Of course the lion looks like the lion from the Lion King … BECAUSE THEY’RE BOTH FUCKING LIONS!

What next, Goofy looks just like a dog?

To be honest, I’m disappointed they didn’t take that picture of Scar … then go to google, type in ‘growling lion’, click on ‘images’ and then run an article with the headline:

“Forget cat videos, Scar – from The Lion King – inspires lions to take over the internet?”

Seriously, they let that opportunity go begging.

I know the Daily Mail is more about entertainment than news, but stories like this makes TMZ look like 60 Minutes.

Look, I get that to fill a ‘paper’ everyday with new stories must be incredibly difficult, but I’d love to know what they think filling it with rubbish like this does for them.

Actually sod them, what do their middle-class, middle England regular readers think about it. There must be a massive rise in heart attacks all across the Home Counties these days.

Though given the Mail is the most popular ‘news site’ in the World, I don’t imagine the Editor or the papers owners care, so I’ll just sit back and keep marvelling at their ridiculousness and hypocrisy because they’ve single-handedly managed to make adland look professional and respectable and for that, they deserve some thanks.

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Have they ever done a post on the size of their best friends cock? Too right they haven’t which means you are officially worse than them.

Comment by Billy Whizz

thats only because reddit havent done it yet so they cant steal the fucking thing.

Comment by andy@cynic

They haven’t achieved that level of greatness yet Billy. And when they do, a Pulitzer is surely on the way.

Comment by Rob

For someone who hates the daily mail, you read it a lot. Are you going to say you wear birkenstocks because you hate them and you’re just a masochist. I’m a masochist for coming on here every day.

Comment by DH

he is a fucking masochist. he gets off on pissing himself off. he is a fucking lunatic.

Comment by andy@cynic

Oh I enjoy it, but as Andy said, that’s because I enjoy getting angry. I’ve become that man that shouts at the television, the radio, the newspaper and pretty much everything in-between. And I’m OK with that, especially after I read this:

[For the record, I’m not saying I’m a leader or great, it just helps delude myself that I’m not turning into the crankiest old man this side of crankisville]

Comment by Rob

“Turning into?”

Comment by DH

I don’t think someone who reads classic crap rock magazine is allowed to take the piss out of the mail.

Comment by DH

you think thats the only reason campbell should keep his trap shut? youre being way too fucking generous.

Comment by andy@cynic

Isn’t it nearly his birthday?

Comment by DH

Yes it is Dave, I’m impressed.

June 12th … but don’t worry, I’ll be giving you plenty of reminders as we get to the final week.

Comment by Rob

Thanks for warning me.

Comment by DH

its no more fucking fucked up than some of the “points of views” adland tries to say are original thinking. at least the daily fail doesnt take 6 months to produce their shit, theyre more regular than a fucker having 3 regular laxatives a day.

Comment by andy@cynic

Backhanded compliment of the year.

Comment by DH

First with no news.

Comment by George

Nice. In a bad way.

Comment by Rob

Me or the comment?

Comment by George

Both. Obviously.

Comment by Rob

To be honest I prefer this to the usual pap about Kim Kardashians behind and the conflicting too fat too thin fad diet rubbish .
In other news, as an oppressed Leeds fan, I’m quite enjoying the tension of an office equally split between Liverpool,United and City fans. Not least because City is a client and it’s a three line whip to join the marketing folks on this evening’s parade.

Comment by northern

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