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The Boobs Have Arrived … [This Is Not As Rude As It May Appear]

For anyone who thought my post last week about Titty&Co was a pisstake …

I cannot wait for the launch of their mens retailers, Bollocks&Brothers.

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So they can sponsor this blog?

Comment by John

Bollocks&brothers sums this blog up brilliantly.

Comment by DH

I would rather not be related to anyone on here. Thank you.

Comment by George

you think any fucker wants to be connected to you? twat.

Comment by andy@cynic

if it was going to be anything, it would be bollocks, cocks and genius. no fucking guesses for who the genius is.

Comment by andy@cynic

Sadly I agree with almost all this thread of comments. No guesses which one I don’t, eh Andy.

Comment by Rob

Slow blog day?

Comment by Pete

My pain. Your gain.

Comment by Rob

There is no gain on here.

Comment by DH

A team of signwriters loaded up the truck for the day’s work.

They did the first job, and got to the second after lunch – new lettering on a factory for Accles & Pollock.

The job went well to begin with.

“Hand me up the “P” said Charlie.
“We’ve only got a “B”, said Ted.
“Well we can’t put that up, can we? Better phone the factory and get another one sent over”.

A moment later Ted came back and said “We’re sacked”. “What on earth for?” said Charlie.

“Remember that job we did this morning for the London Brick Company ..:”

(I’ll get me coat)

Comment by Ian Gee

Almost as old as Rob’s fashion.

Comment by DH

The joke.

Comment by DH

Much, much older. But funnier, too.

Comment by Ian Gee

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