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Immortal Scribbles ….

So very soon, a bunch of Freddie Mercury’s belongings are going to be sold at auction.

And yes, I will be bidding on some … albeit the cheapest stuff that is available.

But if I could, there’s stuff I’d love to have.

From the shoes Freddie wore during Live Aid [which is 38 years today] to the royal cloak and crown he wore on the last Queen tour in 1986 to this …

What you see is one of the pages Freddie used to construct the lyrics and song structure for Bohemian Rhapsody.

The scribbles, the word changes [for example, originally it was going to be called Mongolian Rhapsody] the different keys he saw different parts of the song being performed in.

How amazing is that.

What is even more amazing is that it’s all on a 1974 calendar deskpad for British Midland Timesavers – which, I assume, was an airline.

Maybe he got it because originally, he worked at an airport as a baggage handler.

Maybe he got it because his parents ended up moving to Nottingham, which is near East Midland’s Airport.

But whatever the reason, for a song that will exist in culture for eternity … it’s pretty amazing it all started on some random notepad.

More than that, there are other songs that also appear on that pad … for example Somebody To Love … which proves what Queen fans have thought for decades, that they are ‘sister songs’ … and then the classic We Are The Champions, which didn’t even get recorded by the band until 3 years later.

Or said another way, one innocuous pad of paper captured three songs that went on to achieve iconic status across generations and genres.

I love it.

Not just because I’m a Queen fan, but it proves imagination and inspiration can be triggered and caught anywhere.

Sure, not everyone will achieve the same quality or impact as Freddie did, but in a world where we are trying to systemize every aspect of creativity … it’s a good reminder that for all the processes, eco-systems, models and frameworks, if we recognize, embrace, develop, work on and trust our imagination, we may find we can start creating ideas that transcend whatever the latest ‘best practice model’ can only wish for.

Not just because best practice is past practice … but because it’s goal is consistency whereas imagination is about liberation.

Now if only I had 1.2 million pounds …

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