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Rose Tinted Glasses, But With The Wrong Lenses In …

It’s easy to look at the past with rose-tinted glasses.

There’s few who do this better than the ad industry.

So many saying everything was better then. More interesting. More creative.

And while there’s an argument more culturally iconic work was produced in the past than the present – driven by factors such as marketing having a greater influence in the C-Suite right through to a lack of alternative options for driving business – we can’t forget the past also produced things like this …

Look at it.


On the positive, it shows the flex of the material in ways you won’t forget, but on the negative …. errrrrm, where shall we start?

Elton John recently said something that I really liked about looking back.

In essence, he said if you always look at the past as the time where everything great happened, you may as well give up.

He didn’t say those exact words, but it was kinda-like that.

His point was desire, context and openness change everything.

And while that shouldn’t mean just because you do new work – or have the ambition to do it – it’s automatically better than everything that went before, neither does it mean something from the past is automatically better than whatever came after it …

What people forget is it takes hard work to be good.

Even for the most gifted and talented, it requires real effort and graft.

Doesn’t matter if it’s past or present … doing something of note means putting yourself out there and waiting to be judged.

That’s an incredibly vulnerable position to put yourself in.

To choose to put yourself in.

To be forced to put yourself in.

And while there are ways to increase the odds of a positive outcome, there’s no guarantee it will work which is why there’s two things worth remembering …

First is whether creating something for yourself or others, make sure you enjoy [and be allowed to enjoy] what you’re doing and what you’ve done because – as Rick Rubin said – if you don’t, then it’s pretty certain others won’t either.

Second is if someone hates something simply because it’s new, then remember that means they probably like the ad above and suddenly their comments mean jack shit and should be treated as such.

That doesn’t mean you can phone any shit in. [See point 1]

But it does mean you can ignore their rose-tinted bullshit too.

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